LifeAfter – Zombie Apocalypse

Ever played The Last of Us? You could say this game was inspired by the game where Survival became the outline of this game, and against Zombie, of course the main menu even at the beginning of the game there will be a scene where you will fight Zombies chasing the car you are riding.

LifeAfter is a survival-themed game by taking a background in the future with the destruction of the world that occurs due to Zombie Apocalypse. Even this game adheres to many features that make players not bored with the content that will be presented in it.

This is the main point of this game, there are many things that you might not have tried before. At the beginning of the game there will be many introductions to the latest features such as cutting down trees, digging rocks, harvesting plants around and even fighting. It is useful later to get natural resources to survive in a truly harsh environment.

Confused for what natural resources will be collected? Later it will be useful to make buildings, weapons, even ammo. Calm down, everything will be explained slowly in the game so that the players have no trouble following the game flow and features.

One of the points of the survival game is to survive the attacks of the enemy and the main enemy of this game is zombies, later you will be obliged to build a house and make it as safe as possible from zombie attacks that have different waves of attacks, even Lazarov is a dangerous monster which is enough to provide a tough battle for the players.

Build your own house to stay solid, and build a balcony so you can kick zombies from above before he can attack directly to players, even all the interiors can be researched and made if you have opened a certain level.

Players themselves can freely make weapons to be able to survive even though later only get two weapons at the beginning such as Shotguns and Rifles. But this is enough to fight zombies at the beginning of the game.

For the matter of drawing this game is quite indulgent, with the NeoX engine making the gaming experience certainly very promising. Thus, the sound effect in this game is quite real and details. Not only startled by the sound of Zombies that will suddenly appear, but the effects of background sounds such as wind, birds, fire, even characters when you feel cold will you meet here.

In LifeAfter each player will have three bars, namely, HP, Hunger, and Health, HP functions as a determinant of your survival points in fighting zombies or attacks, if this reaches 0 points you will soon die. If these points are reduced, you can recover with bandages or aid kit boxes.

Hunger is useful for measuring the hunger of an avatar owned by a player, if it reaches 0 then Health will decrease little by little. So make sure the avatar is eating enough so as not to reduce health. Health here can also be reduced if the player’s avatar is in extreme cold weather which makes the player lose 0.1% points per second while in an environment with cold weather, so try to stay warm.

This game is a type of Third Person Shooter, so players will be quite free to play the avatars in all folders in Agame. Button settings according to the us are equally important, because all buttons can be adjusted to the player.

The button settings that you might already be familiar with in the Battle Royale game can be implemented in this game, so that you are not stiff in playing and make it easier for you to fight because you have memorized it a little bit.

Having a lot of features will usually take a lot of time to adapt from everything, but calmly LifeAfter will guide you slowly so that you understand and understand all the content in the game.

Plus this game can be done together, and the most interesting thing is that you can also attack enemies with your weapons, so it’s not just zombies that will be fought.

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