Devotion – Story of Nightmare

Have you ever tried a game called Detention by a Taiwanese developer, Red Candle Games? This adventure horror adventure game tells the story of two students named Ray and Wei, who are trapped in a school called Greenwood High School located in the mountains, and inhabited by a variety of ferocious astral creatures aka wangliang! Even though it is displayed in 2D format, but the game that took Taiwan settings in the 1960s appeared charming thanks to simple gameplay, which was focused on exploring and solving various puzzles that forced players to play the brain, combined with a thick horror atmosphere that could make the hair stand on end.

The game which was released early 2017 via Steam (now discounted 50% during Steam Summer Sale) is gaining positive interest from gamers, so that it had been ranked highest in its home country and became the third most popular game globally. No wonder the Metacritic site has named it the second best PC game in 2017, a level below Resident Evil 7: Biohazard! The game is also unique because it displays a variety of thick religious elements, which are based on culture and mythology from the Formosa Country.

After success with its first title, Red Candle Games is now busy preparing their second project entitled Devotion, a game with an atmosphere of atmospheric first-person horror. Based on the official synopsis, the story of the game that set the time in the 80s focused on a family of 3 individuals living in an old apartment complex, where religion plays an important role in their daily lives.

But at one time, the house that was once filled with happiness and love turned into a nightmare! Only by exploring every corner of the place, facing a variety of horrors and completing various types of puzzles, then gamers can reveal the dark mysteries that surround the location. In the meantime, there has been no information about the platform on which the game currently displayed in the 3D format will be released.

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