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Styx: Shards of Darkness

Titled Styx: Shards of Darkness, the developer has again developed this game for the same platform as its predecessor. Please note that Cyanide made the sequel with far greater ambitions and ideas claimed!

Titled Styx: Shards of Darkness, the developer has again developed this game for the same platform as its predecessor. Please note that Cyanide made the sequel with far greater ambitions and ideas claimed!

“After the collapse of the tower of Akenash, Styx was forced to infiltrate Korangar, the city of Dark Elf. Elves have joined the Dwarf, and the only similarity between the two races is that they both hate Goblins, “wrote the description of Styx: Shards of Darkness.

Dark Soul 3

In the first half of the game, you might feel that Dark Souls 3 is not as difficult as you might think. Because there will be no game point that will force you to repeat a lot of boss battles repeatedly. Some of the initial bosses felt so weak with easy-to-read attack animations and far more fragile health conditions to just finish off.

But everything changes when you complete the Abyss Watcher. The second half will contain an escalation of the level of difficulty which is quite uphill and takes extra energy to complete. How significant? Significant enough to make us have to dwell on the same boss no more than 3 hours, die, run to fog, fight, die, come back to life in bonfire, run to fog, not have time to fight, die again, and so on.

Dark Souls 3 is one of the best action RPG games in 2016. He offers what you like about previous Souls series, perfects it, and wraps it with an appeal that feels more solid and seductive at the same time. This is a project that will keep you back and back and start seeing failure with a smile and a sense of optimism. Games that make you start seeing death as an intoxicating opium.

Resident Evil Revelations

What is really special about RE: Revelations? The fact that he is able to offer a classic RE gameplay side is certainly a separate selling point, at least in the eyes of RE fans who have taken part in this franchise from the start. Not only acting from one place to another, you are also treated to an exploratory side that requires you to find alternative ways to solve existing puzzles. Comfortable camera angles, limited resources that make the gameplay more challenging, countless solid bridge plots, the presence of Genesis that keeps busy, to the swimming side that presents new sensations enriching the experience offered by RE: Revelations. The best part? Addictive Raid Mode!

However there are some disadvantages that are worth noting from Revelations. One of them is a character and clothing design that actually leaves a comical and forced impression. This impression is so obvious from the design of the clothes worn by two characters – Rachael and Jessica. Capcom seemed to be trying to exploit the sensual side of two female characters to an unnatural extent. The “love” seasoning in a serious plot is also not the style of Resident Evil that we have known.

But despite all these shortcomings, Resident Evil: Revelations must be acknowledged as an oasis that is so refreshing for RE fans who have longed for an RE game with the impression of a classic taste, but with quality side action that still deserves thumbs up. Like our previous previews, the sensations and experiences offered by Revelations remain far better than Resident Evil 6 as a whole. A must play!


What can be concluded from DOOM? From the single player mode, it ended just like what we had felt with Wolfenstein: The New Order a few years ago. Departing with pessimism and not being interested, he ended up being one of the truly awesome FPS games. The decision not to admonish and take part in the trend of modern FPS games now makes DOOM shine, especially after proportionally fusing the classic taste in it. There’s no need for dramatization, you just need to take up your arms and start nesting all the bullets into their mouth as effectively as possible in the rapid pace of battle that makes it end even more tense than what we had imagined. Extensive maps, rewarding exploration, solid stories, environmental designs, weapons feel, and metal music that accompany it make DOOM so charming.

The only drawback that we think is appropriate to talk about is the mutliplayer mode that ends up uninteresting. We have actually felt pessimistic since the open beta period some time ago and still has little hope that it is possible that it can be different in this final version. But not only did it not feel interesting and repetitive without the motivation to play clearly, the fact that this mode began to be abandoned in just two weeks of release has become clear evidence not to see DOOM as a multiplayer game at all.

So, is DOOM appropriate to look at? We ourselves end up strongly recommending you taste the single player mode that he offers. Let DOOM throw you energy from a straightforward, straightforward classic FPS game. He also managed to emerge as a series that was indeed worthy to mark the return of a legendary franchise that was almost drowned in time.

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