Identity V – Hunter or Prey

Are you a hunter or prey? Either hunt or hunt! Gamers get ready to pump your andrenaline, because it’s time we join a thrilling party! We present the first Identity V asymmetrical horror mobile game.
This game was made by none other than NetEase maker FortCraft and Rules of Survival. In this game, NetEase in collaboration with Digital Behavior brings Dead by Daylight gameplay to become this game. As a game inspired by Dead by Daylight, can this game be as good as its inspiration? That question will be answered through our review this time.

After getting good feedback in China, this game was finally launched globally for iOS and Android devices.

Identity V brings gamers to a horror atmosphere mixed with mysterious action, with gothic style and interesting games. This game takes you back to the Victorian era, and gives players a sense of playing in that era.This game is not only a battlefield for 4 survivors against 1 hunter, but this game also has a story plot where a detective is looking for traces of a girl who disappeared. Here you can find some horrible clues around the place.

You can choose and play as a different character, Identity V gives the players many choices of characters that can be played. In addition to dressing up your characters is not impossible in this game, playing using characters that match your strategy can push the team to the top of victory.

What makes Identity V a game with extraordinary experience is that we can choose to become a Hunter or as a Survivor. If you choose to be a Survivor, you are required to work with 3 other players and run away from the pursuit of a cruel hunter, teamwork will determine the success of your escape from that place.

The only way out of this horror is to decode the cipher machine. So, players must find and secure all cipher towers located in various locations on the map. After the tower cipher is decoded, the player will be able to open the exit gate on each level to run and escape. On the other hand, players can also enjoy life as a hunter where you will get used to all the power to kill the hunter.

Here, we not only catch our prey, but you can also torture them. As a hunter, your goal is to capture the victims who work together to avoid the hunter’s terror.The Identity V storyline gives surprise thriller gamers. The player will start the game as a detective who is on a mission. When the detective receives a mysterious letter inviting him to investigate a spooky case, the players will leave on the way to investigate the truth of the case. This game takes us to the abandoned manor where we are told to look for the girl who disappeared. Besides being given a mission to find a missing girl, you will also find some surprising details.

When players explore the manor, and complete many objectives in the game, parts of the mystery begin to form into a picture, and here you will know clearly the dark side of the manor.

Besides interesting games, and amazing game graphics, this game also has deeper features where you can open new hunters and new survivors, with each character equipped with different abilities.

When you think you have understood everything about the game, and how to conquer it, here you will feel a different situation. Here you will never know what is waiting, thank you for adjusting the existing map. Maps in the game will change every game is finished, so you will never get bored with the gameplay.

For audio and visuals, they create a tense atmosphere throughout the game. So that you will feel the andrenaline and the heart pump that is pounding hard. This game has all the elements needed in mobile games today. An interesting storyline, supported by good audio and visuals makes this game worth the thumbs up.

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