Devil May Cry V – Stylish Action Game

Waiting for a dozen years, this is what the Devil May Cry fans have to go through to face a series of supposed sequels from the story that was immediately cast by Capcom. This waiting process is indeed not easy, especially considering Capcom had passed a “strange” phase where they seemed to not believe in the potential of their own old franchise or present a new series that deviated from the root of its main identity. This longing was indeed a little relieved by the spin-off project from Ninja Theory a few years ago. But in the end, the series won’t have the same appeal as the Devil May Cry Capcom’s own internal team. Fortunately, Capcom returned to their senses and finally released the latest series – Devil May Cry 5.

Capcom has indeed confirmed the timeline changes to the story of Devil May Cry some time ago and positioned Devil May Cry 4 as a sequel to Devil May Cry 2. With these changes, the continuity of the story of Devil May Cry now follows an enlarged number, with a unique case “3” that plays a role as a prequel of this whole saga. Such a system makes Devil May Cry 5 now act as a direct sequel to Devil May Cry 4, while confirming its animated version as part of the Canon story to watch out for.
The good news? Capcom quite understands that there will be many gamers who are interested in this fifth series, jumping in, and enjoying the gameplay side that they offer without ever playing the four Devil May Cry series before. For gamers like this, Capcom provides a separate menu called “History of DMC” which can be predicted, containing story conclusions for each series in the new timeline. The good news? He is charming. The timeline story is presented simply, right on target, and contains all the important information that is essential for newcomers gamers to immediately enjoy Devil May Cry 5. Much better than what Kingdom Hearts 3 from Square Enix did with their similar menu some time ago.

The Devil May Cry 5 story itself centers on a mysterious figure who calls himself “V”. He ends up visiting Dante in Devil May Cry’s office for a task that is not easy to do – destroying the super strong threatening demon figure. Dante, who happened to need money to keep his devil hunting office alive, immediately agreed to it, although V himself had given advice about the level of threat that was far higher than all the things Dante had fought so far. The super strong devil is known as Urizen and he lives on the throne of the demon tree named Qliphoth. But unfortunately, Urizen turned out to be far more powerful than what Dante et al predicted. They end up being “slaughtered” with an unclear final fate.

If we talk about one of the newest favorite engines among gamers, especially PC gamers because of the visual quality and optimization that they are carrying out, then the two thumbs up is right to be directed by Capcom’s RE Engine. Used for the first time in Resident Evil 7 and also strengthened the Resident Evil 2 Remake, its presence as a base for Devil May Cry 5 seemed to strengthen its position as a flexible engine. Not just developing a first or third person shooter game with cinematic flavors, it can also be used to mix super high action games with style. Its ability to not only offer an environment full of detail, but also the effects of particles that are crowded when buildings are destroyed or just material clothing that is right on target makes Devil May Cry 5 come back with the modern taste that it should.

If there is one thing we want to praise from the steps of Capcom apart from the implementation of the RE Engine that he stretched out, it is not to impose a “realistic face” in the style of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 beforehand that are based on the face of models in the real world. They managed to maintain the face shape of the previous series, making it more modern, but on the other hand – still felt familiar to gamers who had known them in the past, including even Dante. Thumbs up that apart from the various changes that are carried, Devil May Cry 5 does not get much “controversy” because of the modern new direction for their characters. They even managed to execute the look of Trish and Lady in a cool “modern” style.
While the design of monsters, Devil May Cry is always present with a design that never disappoints. For this fifth series, it must be admitted, that there are some bosses who are clearly inspired or indeed related to enemies or bosses that you had conquered in the past, so for those who had tasted the old series, they might feel a little variation in this latest series or even fall in love because of the nostalgic sensation that exists. But present from the depths of hell, none of these demon designs were disappointing. From the return of the Cerberus in a more ferocious form, until Goliath, which passes through the mouth in its stomach, is ready to swallow anyone. Threatening and mesmerizing, this is what you will feel every time you face a boss in this series. The good news? The usual enemies that you meet also come with the same cool design, while ready to appear annoying through the attack animation that is there. It’s enough for us to curse anyone who designs enemies with teleport capabilities here.

The classic taste will indeed be found directly on Devil May Cry 5, which will make you feel familiar, especially if you have tasted the previous series. They maintain a camera style that although you can manage it more freely at the moment, but reflects the obvious fixed taste like the previous series. You will meet with many scenarios where the battle or exploration process occurs with the camera angle being calculated close, but immediately adjusted (away) when the battle conditions require it. This camera angle even makes platforming, jumping from one place to another feels a little difficult. But instead it feels annoying, this situation actually produces a strong nostalgic sensation.
So like the previous Devil May Cry series, he still has a stylish action game. Even style is arguably the “main element” for him. The more varied your attack, the more combos you produce, the more effective you finish off the enemy HP bar, then you will be faced with an increasing force value. Departing from “D” as the lowest value to “SSS” as the highest value, this style number will determine how much Red Orb you reap. So as can be predicted, Red Orb serves as a resource to strengthen every character through the system of buying items and abilities, both through Van.

So what can be concluded from Devil May Cry 5? We do not hesitate to call it a fantastic series that makes the process of waiting for a dozen years paid off sweetly. As if to prove that they are now back in their best form, Capcom knows very well what fans want for Devil May Cry 5 and ensures that each element is fulfilled. We are talking about action gameplay that is still full of style, intense action sensations, super cool music, and charming RE Engine-based visualization. Everything is wrapped up with the opportunity to enjoy and master it at a higher level of difficulty, get commensurate rewards, while enjoying super cool cut-scenes that are ready to spoil the eyes. Don’t forget about Nico’s presence and how this character ends up not only selling sensuality.

But does this mean Devil May Cry 5 counts as a perfect game? Almost. If there is one complaint we have to throw is the design level itself. Gamers who had tasted the old Devil May Cry series might not complain much about the design level that must be admitted, not too varied. But it is hard not to admit that in the deepest little heart, there is a dream to see a more ambitious Devil May Cry series for the transfer of existing levels. Especially to give a clearer picture about the world and the lore he stretched out. Seeing a number of levels being reused over 20 missions that have counted a little, is certainly disappointing. There is so much potential there.
However, Devil May Cry 5 is a series that we really recommend, both for those of you who are familiar with this franchise or who are just about to jump in it. Capcom managed to concoct a series that would satisfy two types of gamers like this through a variety of targeted execution on all fronts. Great job, Capcom!

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