The Sinking City – Choose Your Own Path

If you are a connoisseur of investigative horror games, Sinking City is awaiting its presence. The game developed by Frogwares and published by Bigben Interactive is a third-person adventure game that is the result of inspiration from the works of American horror writer H.P. Lovecraft.

The Sinking City is the biggest and most ambitious project ever made by Frogwares. There are three main pillars in this game. Just say open world, open investigation, and the figure of Lovecraft that will determine how you play and feel it.

Instead of getting curious, just look at the five interesting facts about The Sinking City!

Suitable for Vintage Things Fans

This game will be located in the fictional city of Oakmont, Massachusetts, around the 1920s. Once, there was a disaster that made most of the city soaked in water. FYI, the 1920s were often romanticized in the history of the United States as a period of economic growth, increasing consumerism, the spread of jazz trends, prohibitions on various matters, gangsters, and ethnic conflicts.

Meanwhile, Oakmont is a very strange place with a dark and creepy secret. Most of this city has been isolated from the land since its founding in the 17th century. Local residents really dislike foreigners and conservatives in protecting their rules and traditions.

In the midst of uncomfortable conditions and the sudden presence of fish people, some humans try to survive a bad situation. Even though it’s scary, you can still enjoy the conditions of human life in that era.

Play as a Mystery Investigator

You will play the role of private detective Charles W. Reed. This figure seems to be in a state of desperation to escape. As Frogwares said, this character was overwritten by an endless madness.

All things went wrong at Oakmont. A mysterious event came, bringing flood waters full of Eldritch creatures, mysterious flow, and strange cosmic horror. This is only a handful of mysteries that you will have to solve throughout the game.

Similar to the Sherlock Holmes Game

Like the Sherlock Holmes series from Frogwares, The Sinking City focuses on exploration and detective features. With games utilizing the open world structure, players get a variety of ways to find evidence and guidance during their investigation.

“We are serious when we say that in this game there will be no clues, no markers on the map, and no instructions in the diary that you have. You will find evidence and talk to people to find something to push you forward , “Said the Frogwares.

Distinguishing Elements from Similar Games

Reported by Denofgeek, the Lovecraftian elements of The Sinking City are highlighted so clearly and without hesitation. Meanwhile, some Lovecraftian creatures have been given names so far. This monster game was inspired by Lovecraft and the creation of H.R. Giger.

In addition, there seems to be mechanical madness in place that can affect how the character of the player sees the world. For those of you who have tried the classic GameCube game titled Eternal Darkness, you can definitely imagine how sanity can affect the game world.

With Lovecraftian elements embedded in each of its dark corners, The Sinking City is actually rated as a defective title in a style similar to the L.A game. Noire. That is, you as a player will often receive requests and assignments that require your character to investigate, interview, and finally resolve the case.

Unlike L.A. Noire, there are several objective markers in the game or other clear waypoints. Instead, you must take instructions from certain contexts and dialogues to understand where you should go next in the investigation process.

Determine your choices

As a player, you are free to decide how to go to The Sinking City. Players are free to make their own choices while revealing the mystery of this strange world. If something happens, you are equipped with weapons.

Shooting someone or something seems necessary, but you must remember that the characters you play are weaker than the enemy. This is what you must be aware of. Watching supernatural beings or sad events can easily trigger madness for the characters you play.

Madness is a big part of the Lovecraftian universe. The author displays various things that we can never understand and explain so that it will make us dizzy. Now, are you ready to face various mystical challenges in The Sinking City?

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