Kholat: Spooky!

Once upon a time, when the world did not have the technology to produce 3D graphics in films, horror stories were delivered in a very simple way. Only armed with atmosphere, stories, and mere background songs turned out to succeed in making the audience unable to sleep in the dark. But not so with today’s horror stories. Spectators and connoisseurs of horror stories are now presented with the effect of being shocked and excited, but not leaving a deep impression that can make you have a nightmare.

Speech is a horror game that is quite unique when compared to similar games today. Apparently, this game decided to use classic horror tricks to leave an impression on the players, that is by relying on such horrifying stories wrapped in a gripping environment and the songs and sound effects that are no less scary! Forget the experience of playing a horror game that only relies on graphics and the effects of shock, because the Heart will put a spooky feeling in your memory!

However, Kholat is not only armed with mere horror stories. Display graphics in this game also cannot be considered trivial. Because, this game uses Unreal Engine 4 support to produce a realistic environment and visual effects that are so convincing! This also makes it quite heavy to be played from the demand side of the Hardware specifications.

Kholat’s story revolves around the story that really happened in 1959 in the Ural mountains, Russia. The incident, called Dyatlov Pass Incident, is one of the most terrible mysteries in the world to date. In fact, until now what has happened there has not been resolved, until researchers formulate the cause is an occult or supernatural event!

This incident began with the departure of ten mountain climbers from the Ural Polytechnical Institute. The team led by Igor Dyatlov (the origin of the name of this incident) plans to climb Mount Otorten, about 10 km from the scene of the incident. One member of the team resigned in the middle of the road due to illness. So, the team consisted of 9 people when they arrived at the peak of Kholat Syakhl, in the local language meaning mountain of death.

Actually they did not plan to arrive at the peak of Kholat. However, due to a snowstorm, they lost direction and were forced to spend the night by setting up tents there. When the team did not give the news about a week from the planned date, finally the victim’s family urged a search on the top of the mountain. What they found there was so shocking and mysterious.

The tent used by the team to take shelter from the snow was seen torn from the inside, not from the outside, and there were footprints without using shoes as many as nine people moved away from the tent to the forest near the location of the tent. The rescue team then began to find the bodies of the victims in varying distances and they only used only underwear. The state of the body inside the victim is crushed like being hit by a car and there are no external injuries at all!


The story is an introduction to the big mystery that you will find when playing this game. The horror that makes all the victims of the incident escape without caring for the protection of the body from the cold of snow you will find there. Everything is delivered in slick narratives and a non-linear world that is freely explored at will!

The concept of freedom of roaming offered by this game is actually quite unique, at least for horror genre games. Usually, you will be treated to a variety of objectives and game modules that have been designed to be followed by linear aliases. However, Kholat actually gives you extraordinary freedom from the start of the game. So free, you will not find a destination or pointer that shows the mission on the game screen!

Since starting the game, you can walk freely without having to go to one point. Only after you enter the area with events or events in it, you will find the horror stored there! As a result, the game screen does not show any indicators, whether mission, crosshair, or health and equipment. The use of the first person camera in this game makes conditions without these indicators like when you see it from your own eyes!

The absence of goals in the game certainly makes you as a player will always feel lost. This is even more evident when you start exploring the Kholat area. Your main capital to wade through the vast mountains is just a map and compass! There is absolutely no clue about your current location, either on the mini map, because it doesn’t exist, or on the map itself! So, if you don’t pay attention to the intended direction, it is very possible that you will get lost in the snowy mountains!

Fortunately, this game provides a little help to uncover the mysteries that are in Kholat. On the map there are streaks of important position coordinates. However, again, you will not find a waypoint indicating that location is located. Instead, you can only determine its location on a map, so you can find it for yourself! When you point the mouse pointer on the map, you will see the coordinates of the location in the pointer.

The high level of difficulty in navigating the Kholat was also balanced by a variety of visual clues. The mountainous terrain is not only in the form of snow bumps. Quite a lot of visual clues can be found when you wade through it, such as stone pillars, steep hills, torches, to various statues. All of that over time will be your best friend to recognize mountain terrain without the need to see the map. In fact, some of them are instructions for important locations.

The existence of a location with a fire in the snow mountains is certainly a savior to look for. Sometimes, the location shows tents that you can use to move quickly or Fast Travel. Tent is also a place to save, in addition to the location where the event happens that automatically saves the game However, it could be that visual instructions are still lacking. That’s when you have to be able to rely on ear sensitivity!

The sound in this game is so impressive and deserves two thumbs up! Besides the music that is so tense and beautiful at the same time, the sound effects in this game can also be a double-edged sword. One side he can show the location of note paper that you can collect, marked with the sound of paper flaps, to find out the mystery that is inside the Kholat. The other side actually makes this game so creepy!

This horror effect stored in sound and music is what makes Kholat able to show his fangs. Just like classic horror, music in this game can make your heart beat fast without the need to surprise you with the sudden appearance of “ghosts”! Anticipation is able to make the imagination of horror fans always raging wildly!

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