Agony – Unclear Story

Agony, a kickstarter game by an indie developer named Madmind Studio, presents a concept that is quite hopeful for many players who are already bored with most of today’s games. The hell of the developer’s dream seems to be a dream for his players. The concept that portrays a vulgar sadistic hell ends up only being a game that relies on a sadistic and vulgar atmosphere, where is the fault? Execution! the concept is actually quite interesting, but haphazard execution simply destroys intentions when playing.

Starting from an unclear story of origin, tells the story of a man named Nimrod who tried to chase a red goddes who constantly forced him to kill lost souls aimlessly in each of his chapters. Hoping that there is clarity of the story but every dialogue is not very interesting, the font of the writing in the game is also very uncomfortable to read, making boredom become a problem Every note that is unattractive and also tired of looking for a statue just for the sake of a completely boring thing also whips up my experience. After being tired of passing the gameplay that almost made me depressed, getting paid for with an ending that was completely unclear and very boring really disappointed me. The role of the main character Nimrod who became the silent protagonist was very characterless, background and also the purpose of pursuing the red goddes made me question the essence of this game.

The gameplay side of this game really amazes me and wonders how a game can be very repetitive and boring like this. This is my first time playing a game that is very successful in collaborating all elements of the gameplay so that it becomes a very ugly entity. Like a bad walking simulator game, the puzzle in this game from beginning to end is only struggling to find a way> hiding from the devil> looking for a sign> drawing a sign> failed> then returning to the first step until you find the right logo. This crazy repetitive really implemented almost all levels in this game, there is a mode that is not too bad that is collecting the heart to put on the altar offerings but the picture puzzle in this game is really boring and very disturbing.

When entering into the anticipated gameplay that is possessing the devil, it turns out that pleasure only lasts in a few minutes. After you know all the functions of the button and move, then the boredom continues. Like pseudo gameplay, being a devil is just a bit of a turbulent gameplay that is just as boring and aimless, you can’t see your destination, the mission vision of being a devil is just to open up a little

Other features really worked on half-baked, a lot but it seemed sickening like that words were scattered when playing it. There is a feature where you can fly like a spirit and possess the body of a person, but in hard mode it is not told at all how to enter the enemy’s body. Burning the gates can even be said to be a feature in itself, a very long burning branch really burns my anger.

Bug … this was the most disturbing factor, the peak of my anger as a player was at this point. Games that don’t seem optmize make me disappointed, 1070ti combined i7-8700 can’t handle this game in ultra settings. High setting has a lot of annoying stuttering. Bugs in this game are very much found, starting from monsters suddenly disappearing, monsters do not want to go from the road route, spirits that are bugs, can not move between obstacles, crashes that occur more than 4 times, when possesed against the body of the fodder sometimes we can’t move and the fodder keeps banging heads, stuck in various places, and many other crazy things.

Graph, even though the environment that I can say is done seriously, but things like NPC Fodder, face a few people. Even the faces of male NPCs are almost the same and make me bored. The stone texture and also fire are not smooth and also very bad. Gamma in this game is very unclear (the picture above shows gamma when you first play), the lighting in this game often makes me sick. The most ridiculous but essential thing, it feels very inconsequential, namely the camera view. The camera in this game is really very chaotic and bad, making you nauseous and dizzy, the camera moves wildly and doesn’t mess.

The faces of the NPCs inside the game were too fluid and goofy, when opening their head pockets instantly my feel vanished. Not intent and also bored, so the only reason that appeared in my head.

The conclusion is that this game is not worth buying at the full price if you are a normal person, but if you are a psychiatrist who is looking for an atmosphere of destruction and disheveled gameplay this is very suitable for you. Graphics that are unclear and filled with disappointments from the story to gameplay really amaze me. These indie developers need to push their capabilities even further, this feels like a very disappointing product.

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