White Night – Horor Story in 1938

Horror stories can be delivered in various forms. There are some people who can be scared just by seeing blood splatter or maybe needing a scary ghost. However, some horror stories have been delivered simply by putting you in the dark; the rest let your own imagination imagine something that really doesn’t exist. This form of horror is presented by White Night, a survival horror game concocting Activision with OSome Studio.

The story in White Night began when you were on a trip one night in 1938. After the United States was hit by the toughest economic crisis in history, many of its people suddenly became poor. Not many are criminals and suicides. After a long trip, suddenly a flash of silhouette in the shape of a woman flashed in front of your car! Cash, the car was slammed in his direction to avoid the woman. Naas for you, the direction you slam the steering wheel right into a tree!

Wounded and alone in the dark, you are confused because there is no sign of the woman who was on the street. However, pain due to collisions forces you to look for the nearest house to find shelter and telephone. Arrive at a large fence that limits the entrance to a mysterious big house. When you enter, you have unconsciously stepped into an haunted house where curious spirits roam and look for victims to be brought into the dark!

Then begins the struggle to survive and avoid the embrace of darkness around you. As you complete the various mysteries surrounding the house itself, a more sinister story will unfold more concerning the dark history of the Vesper family, the owner of the house. The question is – can you still maintain sanity when facing horror in the house?

As you can see for yourself from screenshots, this game uses only two tones to decorate the game, which is black and white. It was not a computer error when we played this game. The monochrome tone is actually the main key to making you feel gripped when playing it. It might be more appropriate that this game uses primal fear from humans, which is fear of darkness.

Darkness is indeed the main star in this game. In addition to making you always feel anxious about what’s inside, darkness can also hide things other than ghosts, which are various puzzles. White Night is basically a survival horror game that relies on exploring and completing puzzles with classic story narratives in the ’30s. The atmosphere in the game was increasingly submerged into the theme with the support of slow jazz songs that were able to add to the horror.

Other things that are stored in darkness are various stories that occur in the Vesper family; the story that made them become curious ghosts to this day. The various letters and writings found in this house are also a guide to completing various puzzles. All of these are summarized very well in a comic column-shaped journal screen.

The journal also shows stories that you might have missed. Initially, all the journal columns are still empty and contain only question marks. When you find a story or object, the column will be filled. Instructions for puzzles can also be found in the journal column, for example, you forget what is being done because it is too tense to avoid ghosts in the house.

Light is the only weapon that you can use in White Night. Unlike recent survival horror games that rely on weapons to fight their enemies, this game does not give you weapons at all. Ghosts in this game really can’t be touched and you can only survive by running away. However, it’s not just ghosts whose touch can make the game over screen appear before you.

The darkness in this game really kills. If you stay silent for a while, for example in the dark, without being exposed to the slightest light, then the screen will slowly shake and the music becomes more tense. Then without warning, you will lose consciousness and the game over screen appears! Apparently, the darkness in this house seemed to give a deadly poison.

Fortunately, you can avoid the darkness that is capable of killing and controlling all the corners of this haunted house. The main tool that you will love more than anything is a match. Yes, matches are a means to cause light whenever you want, provided that your matches are still there! Like bullets in an action game, the match has a maximum limit to carry and it can run out.

You can refill the match supply if you find it in the room. However, the extra lighter itself can be used up if it continues to be taken. So you have to find a new match in another room. Even more horrifying, sometimes the match can fail and you must hurry up and turn on a new match. Don’t be surprised if after struggling to light a match and be overwhelmed by total darkness, suddenly there is a ghost beside you who is ready to draw you into his world!

The ghost in this game you can’t kill at all. When you find a ghost and only hold fire from a match, it is recommended to run away immediately. Because, only light from a source of electrical equipment can drive them away. This condition also makes finding lights and lighting them a necessity to be able to continue to survive.

The button to turn on the lights can usually be found near the door. However, not all regions can be enveloped in light. Because the haunted house of the Vesper family is too old so the cables are broken or the lights are broken. Another surprise is that often the lights can suddenly die themselves due to an old switch!

What if you fail to light and die in the dark? This game will return you to the last place to save the game! To do that, you must first find a bench with a sun symbol. The amount is very rare and often it is hidden in the dark! At least until you find a light switch that illuminates the area where the bench is located.

The position that is sometimes far from the Save Point bench makes it the most important item in the game. Especially after you successfully complete a difficult puzzle. If you are determined to go ahead without returning to sit on the bench, you could be swallowed by darkness due to meeting a ghost or worse – running out of matches in the middle of the road! Do not let you go back to working on the puzzle that you have completed because you are lazy sitting!

White Night is a simple survival horror game in the context of the game – features that are not many and easily mastered; but in simplicity it saves the game with a high degree of difficulty. Rarely do Save places and the number of matches as a source of light is very limited, only a few of the elements that make this survival horror game so tense to play.

Likewise with your helplessness to fight the ghost that haunts. Nothing is more terrible than running in the middle of a pitch black room! The camera whose direction can’t be changed is also one of the things that makes this game scary. Because, you will never know what’s hidden when the game screen changes to another camera!

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