List of Worst Places in Game World, Do You Want to Live in There?

Everyone wants to of course want to live in the game world. How come? You will enter into a world that will position you as a main character, a hero who will be praised for action without reward to ensure the existence of the world continues. You fight giant monsters, search for artifacts in a tricky cellar, or just fight it out against invaders to defend your country’s sovereignty. Video games allow you to live a life that you will never do in the real world. But we always see it from the eyes of a main character, who becomes the focus of attention and full of exciting and tense actions. Let’s change perspective and start seeing these games like an NPC.

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you enjoyed all the worlds offered by this video game from the eyes of an insignificant character? That like in the real world, you want to live your life everyday as smoothly as possible without many problems. You just want to enjoy a normal life with people you love and work as hard as possible to bring good food to your home. Believe it or not, you might see your favorite games from glasses that are now different. You might love these worlds as a main character but it will end up being something you will never want to visit or live in.

Of all cities or worlds that are used as video game settings, which city do we think is the most avoidable place and you will never want to live? Here is a list of us.

Silent Hill [Silent Hill]

You know that you have met a world that is completely unpleasant when not only from the eyes of an NPC, even from the point of view of the main character, it ends up being a world that no one ever wants to live in. Silent Hill is a beautiful city with thick fog that might be a “paradise” for those who long for a quiet city without much noise. The best place to calm down? Maybe. But as soon as the sirens sound loudly, this city will automatically turn into a living hell that immediately raises a series of scary creatures of various sizes that can kill you instantly. Silent Hill might offer a beautiful view that is quiet, but we would prefer to stay in a garbage can if possible.

Continent [The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt]

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you lived in a world that “succeeded” in making all the things you have heard from fictional horror stories end right? That your desire to live peacefully can end at that moment with a variety of giant monsters that are ready to pounce from the sky, various supernatural creatures that can terrorize you at any time, until the conditions of war between countries are inevitable. Bad news? In the midst of the difficulty of making money with every corner of your livelihood that can end in death, you still have to pay people to complete it. The only person who has the ability to deal with problems like this – The Witcher – is not a class of people who do it with good intentions, but because of profits. It’s hard to make money, you have to survive, and you pay experts at a high enough cost for problems that are beyond your control. It sucks.

Fairfield [Left 4 Dead]

Firearms and a sharp machete seem to be enough to make you able to live and survive the threat of any zombie. After all, they are only undead without brains that can only run slowly, not a big threat. But what is offered by Left 4 Dead changes the approach of the zombie game that we all know that ends up making almost all the cities he offers appropriate to enter this one list. These zombies come in very large quantities and have one clear goal, prey on your body as their lunch. But unlike “classic” zombies that run, these zombies can run so fast and attack you from all directions. What’s worse? They are not alone. The zombies are also accompanied by mutation creatures that can kill you instantly and look almost impossible to kill. Have you ever imagined how scary your life would be if as a survivor who had managed to survive so far, suddenly heard Witch’s cry amid the silence of the night?

World [Wolfenstein]

Wolfenstein might play with an interesting alternative reality scenario if you play the main character, but it ends up being a world that you will never want to live in if it ends up becoming a reality. What would happen if the Nazis, the classical party that was not only responsible for the crimes of humanity in the past, had succeeded in controlling the world? That their ideology to see the Aryans as the most dominant nation and not provide space for other races, especially with colored skin, is something that must be applied in all countries that they succeed in subjugating? In a world like this, as a human with colored skin, it would be a nightmare in itself. What’s worse? They are no longer just reinforced by weapons that we know today, but also the latest technology from robots to headquarters on the moon. Forever under the tyrannical dictatorship? Something we don’t want to feel at all.

Yharnam [Bloodborne]

For a Hunter, Yharnam is a city that is like going out and incarnating from your worst nightmare. A dark city with a gothic atmosphere filled with so many creatures and giant monsters that can take your life instantly. For a Hunter who has been equipped with extraordinary fighting skills, this is still a city full of challenges that cannot be easily subdued. Imagine if you were an NPC in it, who could do nothing but stay inside the house and lock the door tightly, hoping that none of the monsters would end “idly” to just kill your family for no reason. It’s hard to live a normal life and be happy with a large, werewolf man who goes back and forth in front of the house.

Raccoon City [Resident Evil 2]

A terror sometimes does not look as clear as what we imagine today. How often do you hear about the news in the real world about a variety of strange events that we consider to be just a unique phenomenon that rarely happens? One victim suddenly starts to become two victims, two to four, four to eight, and only in a short time do you find that the city you live in today is only a giant tomb with humans who refuse to die. You want to find help, but all the authorities who have sworn to protect the color of their country have turned out to be part of this “living” creature in Raccoon City. As if it can’t get worse, there are many other monsters that perch here and there, from those who can appear from underground to those who have long tongues with clearly visible brain contents. Nope.

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