World War Z – Similiar Like Left 4 Dead?

The name World War Z became popular during a film in 2013, adapting the 2006 novel with the same title. Now, after five years of the film the game comes with the same title and is recognized as being inspired by the film.

Honestly, it’s strange for a game with the same story setting to be created five years after the film version. However, the World War Z game a few weeks later reportedly managed to pocket many players.

World War Z was released by Interactive Home Focus and worked on Saber Interactive’s studio. This game was released exclusively at Epic Games Store. The game that carries this multiplayer mode must be acknowledged as much compared to the Left 4 Dead game by Valve.

This makes us even more curious, is it really the same or can we still offer new things?

Main Gameplay Feels Like Left 4 Dead

In campaign mode, players will be given the option of four episodes of the story background that are distinguished by four locations. Starting from New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, Tokyo. During the game guaranteed the background of the story will not be noticed.

In this mode a multiplayer mode is provided for up to four players. An invite or matchmaking option is available. If you can’t wait for another player, you can start the game accompanied by a bot. The difference between the characters here cannot be ruled like on Left 4 Dead.

His mission, still surviving until the end of the episode with how many missions. Each episode consists of three game arenas, the same formula from Left 4 Dead. Missions are given starting from searching for the requested item and delivering to the destination while you save yourself from zombie attacks.

Again here the Left 4 Dead element is still found, including several types of zombies with special attack characters. However, we found several different spices in it, Battle. Battle is a kind of battle against a wave of hundreds of zombies that attack you.

Players will be asked to stay for a certain duration. If Left 4 Dead also provides this moment unexpectedly, in World War Z players will be given one minute duration for preparation.

You can find a supply drop that contains trap equipment and automatic weapons. Among them beduri wire, electric fence, mortar launcher, automatic or manual machine gun turret. Of course these weapons have limited ammunition.

Another distinctive element that must be presented is the revive feature when friends are caught in a zombie attack. Before the character of the dead players they can still be produced and treated by other players using medical equipment.

PvPvZ Variant Modes and RPG Elements

PvPvZ is a player versus player mode with zombie attacks in the middle of the game. In this multiplayer mode, there are several gameplay options such as competing to control control points, collecting certain items, deathmatch team, and others.

In the midst of focusing on hunting players from other teams, you also have to stay alert to zombie attacks. This can be a boredom when you have to play campaign mode. All gameplay modes that are played will be awarded Supply Point.

Supply Point is a point obtained other than experience points. Here RPG elements are present in World War Z so they are different from Lef 4 Dead. Supply Points can be used to buy weapons with special accessories including skill specialization.

Skill specialization consists of several types and different for campaign mode and multiplayer PvPvZ. Each level will open access to the entire tree skill, but to have that skill must be purchased using Supply Point.

Likewise with weapons. Every time you use a weapon in the game, you will get an experience point that will unlock all weapon accessories. Of course this affects the power of weapons. Every level of weapon accessories that have been opened can be purchased with Supply Points.

Weapons in the game arena are scattered randomly. Please note that weapons are also divided into three tiers. The third or highest level will have more damage but also more difficult to find throughout the game.

Graphic Quality Must Be Praised

Comparing with Left 4 Dead, in our opinion the graphics quality of World War Z is still better. Released this year, the game has adopted the AAA class quality game. Starting from details, shadow effects, explosions, to the parts of zombie bodies that break down due to swing knives or bullets that penetrate it.

There are several locations that are displayed with different taste. The first city of New York with a subway location setting, second is Jerusalem which presents night battles and desert views.

Third is the cold atmosphere of the city of Moscow, and the four bright and colorful Tokyo residential areas. The graphics quality is not always dark. A sense of excitement as well as fear was shown when the mobs of zombies in large numbers invaded.

Here the graphics quality of the World War Z game is again praised. The movement of zombie hordes is shown in great detail on how they ran and jumped to scramble and overtake to form a pyramid that tried to climb the guardrail.

World War Z graphics quality can be configured to the Ultra.Medcom level. It has also been tested with the support of the AMD Radeon RX590 graphics card Vulkan configuration. The average recorded during the game penetrated 74fps with the highest at 133fps.

Want to test the performance of your PC or gaming laptop playing World War Z in Ultra graphics quality, in which features are available Markmark. Using this feature, the result is that the installed AMD Radeon RX590 graphics card can support an average of 103fps.


Even though World War Z came very late after the success of the original films and novels plus gameplay similar to Left 4 Dead, there was still excitement to be found.

In terms of graphics, this game should be thumbed up and the makers realize they have to give something different from Left 4 Dead in the gameplay. Apart from the mission which repeats but this game is still appropriate to play with friends.

We still enjoy the excitement presented by World War Z and override the view that this game is another version of Left 4 Dead.

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