Differences Between Resident Evil 2 Remake and Original Version

Resident Evil 2 Remake is indeed very Viral and is a favorite of gamers because in addition to bringing the impression of nostalgia, RE 2 Remake also presents a new nuance that certainly has a significant and flashy update to be played in this millennial era. However, some of us must always compare, between the original version and the remake version, then is there a difference between the two versions? let’s discuss it.

For players who had played this game in the original version of Resident Evil 2 released by Capcom in 1998, they must have realized, there were differences in the story line that was packed between the original version and the Remake version. If in the older version, Story A and the storyline or plot that we take will certainly affect the storyline to Story B, the Leon Story example will affect Claire’s Story at each step taken in the old version. Unlike the remake version, where the two stories seem to be the same, even the prefix stage or setting where the story starts always starts in the same place, and the story is fairly similar, so it creates a lot of dissatisfaction for fans who hope that at least the same remake version with the original or original version.

Then what are the things expected by fans but not as expected? This is it!

  1. Mr.X’s presence

The first thing that many people expect and make everyone stunned is the presence of Mr.X in this game. In the original sector, Mr. X or Tyrant will only appear in story B and will hunt us almost throughout the game, where in Remake is no different.

Except in the story of Claire, MR. X will be killed by G Draft 2 (Father of Sherry William Birkin) while Claire brings Sherry to escape in the middle of the game.

Leon’s part is different, where Leon manages to escape from the police station then meets again in the drainage section and continues to Ada’s story until finally the Tyrant becomes the last boss to become a Super Tyrant who has been infected with a new parasite.

The first time we saw that in the 2nd or B story, Mr.X’s appearance went exactly the same as the original version. Where is the iconic Scene when Mr. X lifts up the remains of a fallen helicopter before chasing us. And at this point, both from playing in Story A and Story B, it’s exactly the same as the version of Remake. Although it can be understood in terms of Gameplay the presence of Mr.X makes the pressure in the game even more tense thanks to its presence, but back again, this seems a little unreasonable! because Mr.X itself should only be present in story B where in the Remake version of Story A and B and the presence of Mr.X there is no difference, it is unfortunate.

As for the question, is Mr. X chasing Claire and Leon the same Mr. X? In this story, there is an explanation in the old story that Umbrella sent Mr. X to Raccoons in 6 different cities, (according to the article we present here), which “might” be Mr. X, both of which might be different.

  1. Fight with G Virus Users

One of the most debated problems was the clash when meeting with G Virus users, which had emerged since story A which Leon and Claire had to fight with G (form 1) in the same place. Or after editing a coin search puzzle to open a secret path, even if the story is relevant, the two characters should meet and fight William in a different area to be more suitable and not strange when viewed in terms of the storyline. 2 different grooves but fight in the same place? it becomes an oddity compared to the original story.

Which also includes when we do a confrontation at the second and third meetings (against William) in the remake version this thing goes exactly the same, which is different from the original version, which must be different so the storyline stays in the same corridor and does not deviate.

Especially in a match with the final story, where Claire had to fight William with the final change (final form) there should still be a different path between Leon and Claire so the story would still look neat like the original script in the old version.

  1. Annette’s death

In Claire’s story, Annette will die next to Sherry and Claire when they give anti-virus so that Sherry’s life can be saved after fighting William (G Virus Form).

Whereas Leon Annette’s story was found to have managed to live before firing a shotgun at Ada Wong to save the virus vaccine from falling into the wrong side after fighting William (G Virus Form).

The two things above are very unrelated and seem strange, because stories A and B should run in one plot, where the things that happened in story A should affect story B. Unlike the Remake version, from the above it seems like we have to choose the storyline Claire or Leon as the main story.

It is different from what it should be, where the stories of Claire and Leon are interrelated and become shared stories, which go through different storylines without going through the same story (Stacking) based on two different perspectives.

  1. The Death of Ada Wong

One of the things that many people are waiting for! yes Ada Wong!

The story of Ada Wong and Leon is indeed very iconic, the romance that comes from the chaos caused by the Umbrella corporation is indeed one of the spices in the story of Resident Evil 2. Unfortunately, the difference between the Original and Remake versions looks very contrasting, where we can see 2 the video above where there is a snippet between the Original and Remake versions regarding Ada Wong’s death.

In the Remake version, Ada was shot by Annette before finally falling to the base of the Umbrella facility.

Whereas in the original version, Ada wong was involved in a fight with Mr. X before finally parting ways with Leon.

From the differences above it is very obvious, that in the promised version of the Remake, it turns out there are still shortcomings, especially in terms of the storyline, in terms of gameplay and graphics it is very clear to look better, but we also should not forget, other elements in a Game there is also a clarity and uniqueness of the storyline which certainly can provide a good and memorable playing experience for the players.

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