Doomsday Games Scenarios That Might Happen

None of us knows when the end of the world or doomsday will occur. Doomsday is not always about the fall of a meteor that destroys the earth or a natural disaster that can destroy life. Actions of global terrorism or world war which have an impact on the collapse of human civilization which has no law can also be considered a form of apocalypse.

Video Games also create a lot of doomsday scenarios that become the background of the game’s story. You may have played survival games with a world background that ended due to a mysterious virus that turned someone into a zombie, like The Walking Dead or Left 4 Dead for example.

Maybe you would think the apocalypse of the video game is just fiction. But there are several video games with doomsday scenarios that actually make sense. The following is the author of wrapping several games with doomsday scenarios that might happen in the real world.


  1. Anno 2070

Being one of the city-building games that combines a unique premise of RTS, Anno 2070 by Ubisoft was started by polar ice caps which melted due to global warming and nuclear war. This makes the sea level rise and leaves the highland which becomes an island to be occupied.

You have the task of utilizing all the remaining natural resources from the land and rebuilding the community with technology that is already qualified. But there will be other parties who might bother you, or invite you to work together for a better future.

  1. Fallout

Who doesn’t know about this popular RPG series by Bethesda? Even though each game has a different storyline, all the Fallouts are in the same world, namely the world that has been destroyed by global nuclear war.

Those of you who played Fallout 4 certainly watched one nuclear fall when the prologue took place. And the United States, which has prepared many Vaults as a place of refuge (and place of experimentation) from the fall of the nuclear bomb, has always been the place to start your adventure in the world of Fallout.

  1. Danganronpa

Danganronpa is a visual novel game by Spike Chunsoft that puts you as one of the talented students with the title Ultimate. Trapped with the other Ultimate in a school and forced to play the Killing Game, you will investigate many mysteries while finding a way out of the school.

Without trying the spoilers too far, before the Danganronpa game starts, the world has been hit by destruction due to the act of terrorist groups who named themselves Ultimate Despair. It only took a year for the group to spread their influence to the world community, which led to a lot of chaos, violence and death.

  1. The Last of Us

Winning many prestigious awards, The Last of Us by Naughty Dog may indeed be a truly phenomenal post-apocalyptic game. In a world that has been filled with these undead, you will play Joel and Ellie in survival for a drug to heal the world.

The Last of Us begins with a disease called Cordyceps Brain Infection which is a parasite of fungal infections. It only took less than three days for the parasite to take over the host’s body and make it very aggressive. And within a year, the host will be blind and grow a lot of mushroom dishes in parts of his body.

  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games’s Horizon Zero Dawn is a highly praised open world game with beautiful graphics. This game tells of you acting as a girl named Aloy in revenge against a group of dark organizations that destroyed the village where you live. Along the way, Aloy opened the secrets and truth that happened to a planet full of these ferocious machines.

Machines that are getting smarter and can fight the people who started the Horizon Zero Dawn game, where the war with the machine must end almost all life on earth. And the rest of the surviving humans built facilities on the mountain and again tried to try to create a robot to restore the earth to its original state.

  1. RAGE

FPS is the work of id This software might be one of the shooter games that is quite underrated. Often equated with rivals Borderlands or even Fallout, RAGE has a graphic display that is so stunning in its time.

Rage begins with an asteroid named 99942 Apophis which falls to earth and destroys human civilization. And for those of you who don’t know, 99942 Apophis is a real asteroid discovered in 2004, but what is feared is that the asteroid has a 2.7% chance of going to earth in 2029.

  1. Metro 2033

Other games where the world must end due to nuclear war. Metro 2033, adapted from a novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky of the same name, combines a semi-realistic FPS game with atmospheric details of the broken city of Moscow and full of nuclear radiation.

You will play Artyom in exploring the sewers and cold surfaces of Moscow to save the station where you live. Other humans and bandits are not the only threat, nuclear radiation and anomalies, so that ferocious mutants will threaten your safety.

  1. Resonance of Fate

Being one of the JRPGs with the most complex and (perhaps) hardest fighting system ever, Resonance of Fate is a tri-Ace RPG game that tells about the daily lives and adventures of a group of part-time workers (and mercenaries).

Resonance of Fate occurs in a world that has been hit by pollution, even making many humans affected by cancer. The endangered human remains finally built a water purifier system in the form of a giant tower. However, the system also turns out to regulate the social status and welfare of its people, even their life span.

  1. Hatoful Boyfriend

Maybe you think the writer is crazy because he included the eccentric visual novel romance game on this list. Hatoful Boyfriend is a game where you will act as a human girl to find a girlfriend for a bird, apparently has a dark backstory that could make humans almost extinct.

This starts with the bird flu virus that has spread throughout the world. Humans who were hit by despair at that time, decided to make a rival virus to eradicate all the birds. Instead, these birds actually develop with intelligence like humans. There was war between the two species, and now birds are the dominant species on earth.


Although often regarded as the end of the world, doomsday is also often interpreted as the beginning of a new life. Like list number 9, which indeed seems forced, for example, where the extinct human species can be replaced by other species which then breed into species that can adapt in the new world.

Well, from the games above, what about the doomsday scenario from the game above that you think is the most real and really can happen? Or do you actually know other games that also have a doomsday scenario and also make sense? Come on, just put it in and discuss the game in the comments column.

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