Fatal Frame: Lunar Eclipse – Fairly Original Storyline

Fatal Frame is one of the most famous game franchises ever. With the mechanism of the game that is quite unique (using a camera to defeat the enemy), this game quickly managed to get its own place in the hearts of horror fans. The fourth Franchise from Fatal Frame which was only released for the Wii with the title Fatal Frame: This mask of the Lunar Eclipse was a disappointment. Not because the game isn’t good, but because this game isn’t released in English. To treat his disappointment, some of his big fans have made the translation and have even launched a patch that automatically changes the language in the game to English.

Enough with a little talk about the background of the game itself. Now we will try to discuss how the game from this game. In controlling this game, you will use the Wiimote. Fortunately, this game doesn’t experience the same things as Ju-On which is very lacking in character control. To look around you, you will be asked to direct your Wiimote in the direction you want. If you find a light blue, it means there are items that you can take. Or rather, the object will only glow when your flashlight has hit it. So, be sure to always check your surroundings carefully so that no objects are left out.

Aside from being a driver of character and also lighting the way, this Wiimote can also function as a tool to escape from ghosts who have managed to catch you. When this happens, you have to move the wiimote according to what was told in this game. The same thing you can do if you are attacked by a ghost. By using abilities that you will later get in the game, you can avoid the ghost attack and immediately use that time to escape.

As in the previous games (and indeed it is already a separate trademark in the Fatal Frame franchise), you will still use the camera to defeat the ghosts that attack you. For objects that function as restores and of course film rolls, you can all get it at the save point by buying it. For gamers who want to feel more stable challenges, can try to play Nightmare Mode. Why do we call challenging? Because you can’t buy anything here.

Back to the game, to buy the equipment, of course you will need a replacement, which is the point you can get from defeating your enemies. If you successfully press the shutter button at the right time, you will be able to produce Fatal Frame. This Fatal Frame will produce huge damage to the ghosts. Of course the more points you get will also be.

Besides meeting aggressive ghosts, you will also find some ghosts who are not aggressive. This type of ghost will not attack you and usually they will only appear in a surprising way. But the rest, they will do nothing about you. The function of the existence of ghosts is to complete the list of ghosts that you have to get a feature for your camera called Festival. In the meantime we still can’t get the function, because for some reason, it seems that there are some ghosts that you can’t get the data from. Because of that our ghost list is also incomplete.After you have successfully passed this game once, you will get bonuses such as costumes, galleries and also a new mode called mission mode. By completing these missions, you can get more secret costumes that you can use to dress your character. Interesting right?

In terms of stories, this game offers a fairly original storyline and we feel that it is rarely in the games that exist today. Starting from the character, background of the story and also the settings used, it can be said that everything is new. One element that remains the same is that this game still involves what people often refer to as a ritual. Ironically, this ritual often doesn’t work as desired and that is the main setting for the storyline of this game. During the game, you can also control several characters. One of them is even armed with only a flashlight.

In terms of sound and music, we must admit that in this game, you will not find too many music that is the introduction to the game. You will only find a lot of creepy sounds and can straighten your hair. It is not impossible that these sounds can make you surprised and jump in place. For matters of voice acting, all voice actors can be said to have done a very good job. They can show their fear as if they were in the original place.

For the size of a Wii game, the graphics of this game deserve a thumbs up. Although of course it can’t be compared to consoles like Xbox360 or PS3. But in our opinion, all the graphics given here are very detailed and managed to make this game have a creepy atmosphere. The only drawback in terms of graphics is when you open the door. At that time, sometimes the frame rate of the game will slow down a little. But overall, it doesn’t bother anything at all here.

Our last comment, this is one of the best Fatal Frame games we’ve ever played. With a unique game mechanism, scary storyline and a number of other features provided, we don’t see any reason to leave this one game and glance at another game instead. If you are a true fan of horror games, you must play this game.

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