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Everything that smells of horror lately seems to be selling well. Starting from films, tv series, short films, even games. Horror is also not a new genre in games. Lots of horror games have legendary titles that are always made sequels.

Just look at Resident Evil, Dead Space, Fatal Frame, Outlast, and many more. Because of its popularity, many horror games on the console are now also made into PC games to reach all of their fans.

Well, we want to give you the recommendation of a horror PC game that is so scary that it will make you instantly feed under the blanket.

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  1. Resident Evil 2 Remake


Which zombie game lovers don’t know this legendary horror game? Resident Evil 2 original, originally only released for the Playstation 1 platform. But in early 2019, Capcom, as a developer and publisher of Resident Evil 2 released this game for the PS4 platform, XBOX One, and of course on the PC.

This horror PC game has a story that is exactly the same as the original game, but with much more sophisticated graphics and gameplay. The uniqueness of this horror PC game is that there are puzzles that must be solved by the player in order to complete the mission.

Resident Evil 2 Remake tells the story of the protagonists, Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who have to fight out from Racoon City which has been surrounded by zombies. The business of jumpscare is not asked. This horror PC game successfully presents a tense ambience accompanied by voices that make you panic.

Resident Evil 2 Remake has 92% positive reviews on Steam, you know. Crazy!

  1. Alien: Isolation

Ever watched an Alien movie in 1979? How do you feel when watching? Fear, disgust, tension, shock, all mixed together. The legendary film is now being adapted into a horror PC game that makes you unable to breathe a sigh of relief when playing it.

Gameplay is not like Resident Evil 2 Remake where you can easily kill enemies around you. In fact, this horror survival game requires you to run away from anyone or whatever you meet. Whether it’s human, robots are human or synthetic, and of course Aliens, gangs.

The plot connects with the movie Alien. The protagonist of this game is Amanda Ripley who is finding out how her mother disappeared 15 years ago on a spaceship. Alien graphics and sound effects: Isolation doesn’t play. Realistic images and terrible sound effects make you want to quickly push Alt + F4. Cool again, this game does not need high specs to play. Even with a normal PC, you can still try this legendary horror PC game.

Alien: Isolation gets a positive response from 96% of players on Steam, you know!


  1. Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear is a horror PC game that tells the story of a painter who is mentally ill. This game has the Psychological Horror genre. The task of the player is to investigate what happened to the painter by solving the mysteries in his paintings.

Like other horror games, here you will explore the painter’s house and have to look for clues to answer the puzzle. Like the other games on this list, there will be a jumpscare that makes you shocked and scared.

The sound of crying, broken glass, creepy paintings, aided by the atmosphere of an ancient house in the rain will make you even more horrified.

Layers of Fear received 87% positive reviews on Steam. Mantul!

  1. Outlast 2

Outlast 2 is a sequel to Outlast 1 which is no less creepy. The game’s protagonist is a cameraman named Blake Langerman. Blake had to survive on a desert in Arizona, after the helicopter he was riding with his wife, Lynn, and the pilot, fell mysteriously.

Still the same as Outlast, in this PC horror game, you only have a camcorder with a night vision to see in the dark. The 2nd Outlast is more sinister because it elevates the elements of heresy which certainly makes the hair stand on end. If Outlast 1 requires you to hide and run away from the enemy chase to complete the game, in Outlast 2, you must save Lynn to be able to successfully complete it.

Outlast 2 gets 89% positive reviews from players on Steam.

  1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

It feels incomplete if you don’t include this game in the list of the most horrible horror PC games. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a masterpiece created by Capcom. This game feels really different, unlike other Resident Evil games. This game is the only Resident Evil game that uses a First-Person perspective.

You will play Evan Winters who is looking for his missing wife for 3 years named Mia. Evan’s search took him to the Baker’s family home in Louisiana. Without Evan knowing, the Baker’s family had turned into a scary monster that always hunted him. Evan had to survive the Baker family invasion and look for Mia.

The graphics of this horror PC game, don’t doubt it, gang. Despite presenting new experiences, Resident Evil 7 successfully executed it very well.

No wonder, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard gets 91% positive reviews on Steam.

  1. Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 invites you to experience a horror experience in space like Alien: Isolation. The difference is, this one horror PC game allows you to fight all the enemies you face.

In this 3rd franchise, you still play the protagonist Isaac Claarke. The enemy in this game is still the same, namely Necromorph, a human corpse that is a hybrid with aliens and also an army of Unitological inner circles.

In this game, you also have to be wise in using gun bullets because of the limited number. There is a weakness in the Necromorph that you can use to complete Dead Space 3. Even though it’s an old game, but the jumpscare and gameplay are not cheap. Necromorph that has a really scary shape will make you panic and shock.

Dead Space 3 received positive reviews from 82% of its players on Steam.

  1. Evil Within 2

This horror PC game is the work of Shinji Mikami, the legendary father of Japanese horror survival games. After leaving Capcom, Mikami founded Tango Gameworks which spawned Evil Within 1 & 2.

Evil Within 2 continues the story of the first game, detective Sebastian Castellanos who was caught in a nightmare machine and finally freed in Evil Within 1. In this second series, Sebastian has a mission to save his daughter who is trapped inside MOBIUS’s STEM machine. Sebastian must once again enter the world of nightmares and survive there.

Developers seem to upgrade this game compared to the previous game. By providing graphics that are more capable, gripping effects, and monsters that make it more horrifying, make this game one of the scariest.

This horror PC game provides an option for those of you who find it difficult when playing Evil Within 1 by reducing the level of difficulty in the game. But if you want to try a challenge, you can also choose the ‘Nightmare’ difficulty level. Of course, with increasing difficulty, the enemy will be more aggressive and dangerous.

Evil Within 2 gets positive reviews from the player by gaining an 87% rating on Steam.



This is the article about the 7 harshest horror PC games that make you want to get out of the game right away.

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