[NOSTALGIA] Amnesia: a Machine for Pigs – Creepy Story Lines

When reading the title, we thought that this game would have a funny gameplay. However, this assumption is wrong because Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a survival horror game developed by The Chinese Room and released by Frictional Games for PC platforms Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Developed using HPL Engine 2, this game has been released to the world starting September 10, 2013.

This game is an indirect sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, although there is no connection at all from the side of the storyline. Before reading the review of this game further, let’s watch the teaser first.

This game has a background in the city of London in 1899, where a wealthy industrialist named Oswald Mandus suddenly experienced a strange thing in his life. Mandus has fever and memory loss, and often hears strange sounds like a machine in his dream. When he checked around the house, he discovered the fact that his wife, Lilibeth, died during childbirth.

Mandus also heard the sound of 2 twins calling out his name. They are Edwin and Enoch, the missing sons of Mandus. Mandus also got a call from a mysterious person who claimed to be an engineer. The mysterious man told Mandus that his two children were held in a cellar in a factory. In order to save his two children, Mandus had to repair a machine located in the factory. He was forced to obey what the person wanted and follow the directions given by telephone to get to the location of the machine.

While at the factory, Mandus realized that there were wild creatures in the form of humans with pig heads. Gamers will control Mandus in the first person perspective (first person) to explore the environment using lanterns. There are diaries and small notes that contain information and instructions for characters. Gamers must complete the puzzles in this game to be able to continue their next adventure.

At the beginning of the article, we said that Mandus had to repair the engine inside the factory. How important is that machine? Does the machine have something special for the engineer? Apparently, the machine is a tool used to unite the human body with animals so that the monster that is created in this game is created. In this case, the monster is a pigment.

The pigment will appear suddenly. When meeting Pigments, there is nothing gamers can do but avoid by running and turning off the light of the lantern. If gamers are caught by Pigments, just one to two blows can kill Mandus. The factory environment is very dark, if the gamers turn off the lantern light then nothing can be seen. However, that is how gamers can escape from the pursuit of pigments.

The character’s view when tracing every room in the factory is very limited. The scenery in the factory is very classic, ranging from furniture to telephones used to connect with engineers. The environment with messy objects makes the atmosphere in the game even more sinister. The atmosphere filled with horror as it grew thicker with the annoying sounds of pigs and the sound of creatures who hit iron repeatedly.

Review Conclusion: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs


  • Scary music and strange sounds
  • Good character voicing
  • Pigments are very strong
  • Classic environment
  • Creepy story lines are very thick


  • The environment is too dark
  • Character views are very limited

That is a review that we have made for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, a game that brings gamers in a very tense horror situation. With the power, insanity, brutality and ferocity possessed by Pigments, gamers will feel that being in a factory is a very challenging mistake.

If gamers are interested in playing this survival horror genre game, and feel the tension throughout the game. Gamers can download this game on Steam for USD 19.99.

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