9 Best Android Horror Games

We have experienced strange phenomena. What else is synonymous with horror or ghost problems? In fact we might not be able to sleep because of fear of ghosts or horror things. Have you ever felt right?

Various types or genres of games are already widely available to you Android users. Indeed, the game is here to entertain, but games with special genres like horror can actually make you scared.

Well for those of you who like horror or neglect to test your guts, here are the recommendations of the 9 best Android ghost games that are guaranteed really scary. For those of you who are timid, it is advisable to think about it before trying to play this game.


  1. Eyes

If you like horror stories related to ghost houses, this one game is very suitable for you to try. Eyes is a game that tells you to explore a ghost house in which there is a lot of wealth and money. Hunting for treasure while being disturbed by astral creatures, how do you feel?

Although the size is quite large, this game is perfect for you ghost house lovers with a very interesting story line.


  1. Slender Man – Scary

If you admit that you like ghost games, you would be lying if you have never heard of Slender. This super scary game, is the first time for PC. But don’t worry, because this game is also available in the Android version. This game has the main mission of collecting eight scattered sheets of paper, you are made unable to calm down while playing with what you will see.

Even though the graphics are fairly ordinary, this game is one of the most popular horror games and a tense mission with the best jump scare.


  1. Mystique Series

Mystique Series is a game that is guaranteed to make you shocked almost throughout the game, because the number of jump scares is surprising. This game has a mission to collect certain items. This game also has a spooky setting and atmosphere which of course makes it difficult for you to guess every puzzle that exists.

This game has puzzles wrapped in horror and the best setting, but unfortunately, this game is very dangerous for those of you who have heart disease.


  1. Horror Island

A ghost island is definitely a setting for a promising horror scene right? That’s why Horror Island can be said to be one of the most sinister ghost games in the world. In this game, you are required to survive on a ghost island without eating and drinking, and disturbed by the watchman who is there.

For those of you who are timid, it is recommended not to play it. But for those of you who like survival games, this game is perfect for you. Plus, the level of excitement that makes you even more challenged.


  1. Dungeon Nightmares

Dungeon Nightmares is one of the Android ghost games with the theme of nightmares. In this game, the players will be invited to be able to survive in a nightmare experienced by characters in this game. A little leaked, in this game there will be a mysterious woman figure. Curious, who is that woman? Just play this game right away!

This game has a character that is very scary and many surprises that you will meet. However, because this game has the theme of nightmares, you might actually dream.


  1. Knock-Knock

Knock-Knock is a game made by Ice Pick Lodge. In this game, you will play characters that ghosts always follow. The mission of this game is fairly simple, you have to turn on the lights in each room to be able to drive away the ghosts that follow you.

This game has a theme that is anti mainstream and has a mission that is quite exciting. But be careful, for those of you who have heart disease, because the level is shocking which is quite risky.


  1. 3D Horror Forest

Not only the island, there are also games that have the setting of a forest. Not an ordinary forest, 3D Horror Forest certainly displays a forest that is very scary. In this game, there are many mysteries that must be resolved by gathering bit by bit instructions.

Even though it’s a bit heavy when it’s played on a spec, it’s a pretty good graphic and is perfect for those of you who like adventure in the woods.


  1. 3D Horror Hospital

The old hospital at night has become one of the places that is very scary. Horror Hospital 3D is an Android ghost game that makes it happen. In this game, you will be positioned as someone trapped in a haunted hospital. Of course this game has a mission to get out of that place safely.

Although the size is quite large, the graphics are fairly ordinary. But don’t worry, because this game has a very interesting storyline and quite challenging game levels.


  1. Slendrina: The Cellar

This game is pretty awful to play. In this game, players are asked not to look back. If you do it, then a figure named Slendrina will haunt the player. The mission of this game is to look for 8 lost old books.

Slendrina in this game will follow players wherever you go. He would hide anywhere without being seen by players, but surprisingly enough, Slendrina could have appeared as he pleased with a very surprising. This is where this game becomes so horrible!

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