The Sinking City – Open World Full of Art Horror Game

Besides being known as a means to socialize with your peers, school is basically a place to study or study. Not only about listening or understanding, but also when you are asked to be able to apply what the teacher has taught you in the form of assignments and tests.

The memories of this experience were the impression I had felt when I tried the new game created by Frogwares entitled The Sinking City. This game, which was released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms, is basically an Open World game with the feel of Lovecraftian horror whose inspiration for the theme is taken from Cthulhu mythology.

Set in a city called Oakmont, you will act as a detective named Charles Reed who happened to be invited there to investigate a mystery both about Oakmont and the supernatural experience of him who always sees strange things.

Interestingly enough, the city of Oakmont was described as having a background story as a city that had been damaged by a major flood. Frogware successfully presents a gloomy atmosphere that looks real and memorable. Especially when looking at the shape of the damaged or sunken debris structuring until you need to explore it using a motorboat.

Where they are able to compose them neatly into the form of an open world world full of art. However, unfortunately the charm is not directly proportional to the level design models in the interior of the house or buildings that can be entered. Where everything seems to look the same and minimal variation.

Aside from being commonly regarded as an open world and horror game, The Sinking City also has a kind of investigation and detective style gameplay model. If you are familiar with previous Frogwares games such as “Sherlock Holmes”, almost all of the gameplay systems are completely adopted naked in the game The Sinking City and become one of the “cores” that I call most especially of this game.

So therefore, this game is not a game that is quite suitable to be played by casuals. Especially if you don’t have a good understanding of English. Because like in the Sherlock Holmes game (version of Frogwares), The Sinking City will never give you a direct guide about where you should explore, which spot you should investigate, and which NPC you will interrogate. All of that you need to know for yourself by looking at the various clues to the evidence that you have obtained.

For me, this is an experience playing a very interesting and positive open world game. It’s like when you’re being taught by a teacher at school and tested at the same time. If you are already familiar with it, it is not impossible if your accuracy and agility in solving a problem in this game can also be applied in the real world.

Given that The Sinking City is a horror game, this game also requires you to always prepare mentally strong when you go there. You have to get used to meeting a kind of monster creature that looks like a Silent Hill creature called “Wylebeast”. Present in several variants, both the weakest and the strongest, they will truly give you a challenge that can sometimes be frustrating.

They themselves are usually presented in a shocking and troublesome moment. Aside from the tendency of the Wylebeasts who are fond of making disturbing sounds, unfortunately your character is only equipped with fire weaponry and very limited fighting abilities. So trying to avoid it as much as possible is indeed the wisest choice.

However, if you happen to be at the investigation site and meet them in large numbers, you seem to have to be forced to serve the uncharacteristic creatures. The combat aspect itself unfortunately does not look polished so well. It tends to be rigid and very “punishing” towards the least carelessness that you do regardless of the sort of crafting item system in this game.

Apart from the combat system that looks rather “broken”, I remain fully appreciative of frogware that is able to implement a gameplay system that for me is innovative, namely in the form of mentality or sanity bar (in the form of a blue bar next to the health bar). This bar has a function that is quite unique. Where your character can panic until hallucinate if the bar continues to fall.

In fact, the monster figure that appears in your hallucinations can sometimes manifest manifestly when your character is in a very alarming mental state. Whether it happens because of fighting the enemies, killing civilians, or finding the results of an investigation of a case. The hallucinatory effect was really worked out to the maximum and was able to give a very memorable psychological horror.

From around 7 hours of my experience playing this horror and brain-squeezing game, for the time being maybe that’s all I can describe. Details as well as the results of a more complete review can you all look forward to in the coming days.

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