Dying Light – Special and Different?

Dying Light is a survival horror game made by Techland. Who is the developer of the Dead Island game series. If you have already tried Dead Island before, surely you know how exciting the gameplay is, right? starting from graphics, effects, storyline, gameplay, and other things that can make you cool to play the game, but unfortunately you have to be disappointed because there are many bugs in the game.

Many rumors that spread that Dying Light is an effort from Techland to improve its prestige because Dead Island still has many shortcomings and it is a RIGHT effort made by Techland. In Dying Light you will be presented with something very different from other survival horror games even with Dead Island itself and this is why Dying Light is worth the best survival horror theme!

  1. Open World Gameplay

This is the main thing that makes Dying Light special and different from other zombie games. Dying Light is a zombie game with Open World genre, here you can freely browse the city and the thrill here we can Parkour !! So you could say this game gives us the freedom to explore maps in the game, you can walk freely everywhere even if you want to jump on the roof of a house too, but be careful not to be complacent with the freedom given because of your every move watched by zombies ready to pounce.

  1. Combined FPS and ARPG Modes with Next Graphic Gen

Dying Light is a zombie-themed game using FPS mode or First Person Shooter and also ARPG or Action Role-Playing Game, in this game we can find all elements of the ARPG game, plus the very real graphics that make us comfortable playing this game .

  1. Surviving Life Like the Real World

If it is usually the main weapon for zombie-themed games that use firearms such as pistols or rifles, in Dying Light you will find it very difficult to find firearms and to survive you can only use sharp weapons such as knives and other objects such as pipes and bat baseball. Come to think of it as in the real world, to survive you have to use the objects that are around and of course you have difficulty getting firearms, even in the real world for permission, it’s complicated, hehe.

  1. Creepy Zombies

In contrast to other zombie-themed games that can be said to have zombies that have a monotonous look like a mouth full of blood and pale skin, Dying Light has a very different impression because the zombies in this game are arguably very real with a creepy face full of rotting wounds that give scary and scary. In Dying Light there is also a rotation between day and night, between day and night having zombies with different levels of difficulty and the most dangerous is zombies that are at night because at night zombies will be more aggressive and dangerous for players.

  1. Interesting Storyline

Dying Light has a very interesting and very exciting storyline to play, besides playing a long story in this game there are also quite a lot of side quests so you certainly won’t be bored playing this game.

  1. Turning into a Zombie

Tired of being a human? In this Dying Light you can become a zombie by entering the “Be The Zombie” mode. If in normal game play you become human to kill zombies, then in “Be The Zombie” mode you will become zombies to kill humans. This is a unique feature that is very rarely found in other zombie-themed games.

That’s some reason why Dying Light is arguably the best zombie-themed game ever. Dying Light is an exciting, fun, innovative survival horror-apocalyptic game, and different from other games. The only drawback in this game is the price! because this game is priced at a fairly expensive price. But it’s worth it for this amazing game like Dying Light.

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