Doki Doki Literature Club – Horror Gameplay

Doki Dori Literature Club is a free visual novel / dating sim game that has just been released on Steam. The game has a combination of trope anime that you often find in this dating sim game. You are at school, meet sweet anime girls, build relationships with characters that you like, then end with “we’re dating, okay?”.

When I first saw screenshots and game descriptions on the Steam page of this game, I can only assume that this game is popular on social media because of “cute 2D anime grills” that are suitable for a collection of weaboo.

Honestly, games like this are not games that I like, I’m not a fan of Japanese anime and this kind of gameplay seems boring. But sometimes I keep playing this kind of game for just 1-2 hours just as a comedy by watching the collection of strange moments provided by the game. But after a few hours of fun trying this game, now I begin to understand why people start excited about this one VN game. Doki Doki Literature Club plays with the expectations of gamers who expect dating sim that they can play with one hand and also gamers like me who play this game ironically. DDLC is a kawaii game outside, but it’s dark when traced deeper.

Doki Doki Literature Club is a game that you should play without knowing anything at all aka blind playthrough. So if you are interested in trying, maybe you want to stop reading now. But if you don’t care about the surprises of this game being leaked or there is no desire to try at all, then don’t blame me if your playing experience is damaged due to spoilers.

The Doki Doki Literature Club opens in the old fashion style of this kind of game that is classified as cliché. You are met with 4 female characters namely Monika, Natsuki, Sayori and Yuri. Monika is a guide character throughout the game, and later you are required to choose 3 heroines that you want to make virtual waifu. The next few hours, the theme of this game is getting more and more slamming from a typical cute dating sim to a game that makes you remember Halloween soon.

In the middle of the game, Monika characters start doing 4th wall breaking to you playing, and not the characters you play. He begins to feel self-aware if he is just a character in a visual novel game. He began to emotion with him could not be an option to become a virtual waifu player. This feeling of anger and envy made him start doing strange things into the game.

The mouse cursor will move on its own, the option will disappear or cannot be selected at all, a strange glitch suddenly occurs, and your data is deleted suddenly. Apart from playing with the technical aspects in the game, the virtual waifu of your choice changes its character to 180 degrees, its behavior is far different from what you know before, and in the end your chosen character commits suicide. Your chosen heroine will later glitch for the next playthrough starting from playing the menu until in every dialog that he releases.

All of this happened because Monika’s character could be your choice. Monika’s character wants to be your virtual waifu whether you want it or not. He started playing with the player’s computer starting from knowing the player’s username to removing other characters in the most malicious way: delete character files in the game folder directly. Monika was really fierce in her 4th wall breaking behavior to the point that Avast, AVG and several other antiviruses detected this game as a virus, Thanks, Monica.

DDLC is arguably an interesting surprise against the cliché formula of the visual novel genre. 4th wall breaking is nothing new in video games. Games like Undertale and Oneshot have similar interactions where characters feel self-aware if they are only characters in the game and will play with your computer. But DDLC is not expected to bring this kind of interaction to games that look like weaboo-bait visual novels.

For gamers who are not too interested in anime and visual novels, the Doki Doki Literature Club is fresh air for a collection of other VN games that are on Steam. The game presents unconventional storytelling and can make players especially those who don’t know anything about this game. Games may be overhyped because of the 4th wall breaking concept at the moment, but DDLC remains the weirdest game of the year that doesn’t hurt to try just to feel the weirdness given by the game.

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