5 Android Horror Games That You Should Try

There are several reasons why horror games themselves are very popular with people. Adrenaline rush that is found in seeing something terrible is very addictive so that not a few people are looking for this genre game. Well, if you are one of the fans of the horror genre and want to find horror games on Android. Here are some horror game lists that can be downloaded at the Play Store application.

  1. Identity V

Identity V is an asymmetrical Horror game where players can choose to be a survivor or hunter. If the player chooses a survivor, the player will work with 3 other people to exit the existing arena, and if the player chooses to become a hunter then the player must fight to hunt down the survivors.

In gameplay this game will have similarities with the game Dead by Daylight, where the players will be divided into two camps, where one person will play as a Killer and the remaining four will become Survivors. As a Killer your job is to hunt down four other players, while for the other survivors must work together to activate a machine in order to escape from the pursuit of the Killer. Interestingly, when you act as a Killer, you cannot kill the survivors one by one, so you are required to catch the survivors first. In appearance this game will have a display that will provide a tense atmosphere of horror and added music that will make this game more exciting.

  1. Granny

If you are lovers of horror puzzle games, then you will like this game. Granny is a horror game, where players are trapped in the home of an old grandmother. The grandmother is holding you in and will kill you in 5 days. Goal from the player is to use all means to get out of the house.

  1. NeverEnding Nightmare

Neverending Nightmare is one of the android horror psychology games that originally came out on PC. Neverending Nightmare is based on the developer’s own experience in fighting his own mental illness. In this game, you will play as Thomas who is trapped in his nightmare. Players will explore the psychology of Thomas and find out what causes this nightmare.

  1. Distraint

Distraint is a 2D pixel horror psychology game originally released on Steam (PC) in 2015. This game tells about Price, an ambitious young man who works in banking, where his job is to take property from people who are unable to pay arrears. While on duty, Price experienced an inner conflict with himself. His human side disagrees with what he does, but he wants to be successful in his career. As a result he experienced hallucinations starting from the appearance of demons, ghosts, etc. Follow Price’s storyline, and the karma you will receive at the end of the story.

  1. Eyes

Eyes is a survival horror game where the player plays as a thief. Where is your target this time is a big house at night. The goal of this game is to steal people’s pockets scattered in this big house and get out safely. But looking for money bags in this house is not easy, because you will be dealing directly with the ghost of a woman who goes around and looks after this house.


Well, for you lovers of horror games, you are obliged to try one of the several game lists above. It is guaranteed that you will be addicted to playing it, story line, adrenaline rush, and resentment when being chased by demons will be the trigger to play this game continuously. How about you Do you have any other horror game recommendations?

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