Vambrace: Cold Soul – Modern and Classic at The Same Time

Since it was first announced a few months ago, the author was immediately interested in trying an indie game called Vambrace: Cold Soul, because the premise of the game is very inspired by one of the most difficult games of the day, Darkest Dungeon by Red Hook Studios.

Has been released since May 28, 2019 ago, recently the author finally had the opportunity to try ‘how hard’ the game is. And now the author will give a little first impression of the Rogue-like RPG game created by Devespresso Games.


Vambrace: Cold Soul opens with you playing Evelia Lyric, going on an adventure to find the truth about the mysterious death of her father. Armed with a journal and a Vambrace (a kind of armor for hands) with magical powers left by his father, Lyric went to a city called Icenaire which is now cursed and ruled by the King of Shades to be a very cold city and surrounded with walls of ice that can kill anyone who touches it.

But thanks to the mysterious power of Vambrace owned by Lyric, he was able to break through the ice wall and enter the city of Icenaire, though later Lyric had to end unconscious. Lyric wakes up in a place called Dalearch, the only safe place from the power of King of Shades, and this is where your adventure begins.


As the writer pointed out earlier, Vambrace: Cold Soul seems to be very inspired by the Darkest Dungeon. The author is presented with a side-scrolling game display, but also integrated with the classic RPG display in the form of sprites in certain areas. One thing that distinguishes the way of telling is mostly in the style of visual novels. So that this game indirectly gives the impression that is quite modern but still classic at the same time.

You will put together a team of 4 people, then make predictions to places that are your main objective, and of course fight various types of enemies during the journey. And just like a Rogue-like game in general, this game features permanent-death features, procedurely generated dungeon contents (loots, traps, random events etc.), and very limited resource management.

Most of what the authors say is quite similar to the Darkest Dungeon is the battle mechanism. One of them that might be very visible is the presence of Vigor status. Where the status is quite similar to the Stress status in the Darkest Dungeon, where if that status runs out then your character will die even though you still have a lot of HP. And just like Darkest Dungeon, this game also has a Camp system to restore the Vigor status meter and the HP of your characters.

You can recruit various characters with different classes, there is a focus on attacking, defending, balanced or full support. Each character also has a basic ability that is mostly for attacking, and a special ability that requires Flourish status that must be met with basic attacks, defense or some other interaction. This certainly provides a tactical element for players to bring out the Flourish ability at the right time.

However, similar to the Darkest Dungeon seems to be an overstatement. Because the content offered in Vambrace: Cold Soul can be said to be still quite ‘shallow’, and very far from the Darkest Dungeon which provides a very ‘deep’ playing experience from various aspects of the game.

High Difficulty Level

In general, Rogue-like is a sub-genre that tends to be known for its unusual level of difficulty. Vambrace: Cold Soul certainly also gives a pretty difficult game, well, at least for writers it’s only difficult in the first few hours of the game, and so on it becomes pretty easy even to the end of the game.

One of them is due to the absence of a progression level system, where this seems to be a very rare thing in RPG games. Not only that, each class even has the exact same status and cannot develop due to the absence of a level system. This status can only be increased through Relic, which you can find during an expedition or through crafting.

In the end, you only need to find your best team combination through a series of trial and error trials, then equip them with Relic which further strengthens their best status. And like the author for example, the combination the writer continues to use until fighting the final boss, and defeating it is quite easy.

Stunning Art Design

However, the authors acknowledge that Vambrace: Cold Soul has a very impressive art and design for the size of the Indie game. In accordance with the title of the article above, this game is full of charming and big-breasted girls or women who are waifuable as their main selling points.

Like the author, for example, is very fond of the appearance of the human race, which is mostly seen as a mature adult woman. Or do you prefer fox girls? There is! Also like pointy ears or Elf girls? Many! Or do you like the Dwarves with their thick beards? More!

Not only that, the main character Lyric even has a variety of cool costume designs that you can get by doing various side activities, or find them in places you might not expect. From what looks like Lyric is so strong and charming, weird, to the really ‘bad guy’. You can check the picture at the end of this article.

The writer certainly considers this as a positive value because during the game, the writer himself tries to combine a team of beautiful women. The NPCs also look quite charming and always spoil the eyes when we interact with them. It really became a lara release after a tiring expedition. But for you women, you might feel a little disappointed because there aren’t many muscular, handsome male characters who can spoil the eyes of women.


Broadly speaking, the author actually hopes a lot of this game because it has a variety of potential that should be developed further, even matching the quality of the Darkest Dungeon, or even a better sequel. And for the size of an indie game at a fairly affordable price, the authors still recommend to try and buy this game to support the sustainability of the developer.

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