Horror and Creepy Mobile Game

Playing a horror game on a PC must have been tried. Have you ever tried it on a mobile or smartphone? Apparently, there are some of the best horror games on Android and iPhone too, and he cried again, can be played for free, no need to pay, just enough capital quota or wifi, friend.

Well, we want to give any recommendations for the most horrified and most desirable horror games, and certainly can be played without having to pay when downloaded.

Let’s not use it for long, let’s see it, guys!

  1. Granny

Granny is one of the best horror games with a scary concept where there is a psycho grandmother who likes to kill. If you’ve ever watched “Don’t Breath”, the storyline is almost the same.

Players are trapped and locked up in an old house owned by a grandmother in white with a scary face. Players must have a quick strategy to get a few keys to get out of this grandma’s house.

There will be lots of items provided and you have to arrange for your grandmother to be framed. If the player is too long, the grandmother will chase and hit you with her stick. This game also has many jumps, you know, especially when the grandmother approaches you, don’t forget to use a headset, so the atmosphere is even scarier.

  1. SIM – Sarah is Missing

This horror / Triller game is an offline game with a snack like controlling a movie. At the beginning of the game, your cellphone will immediately change its appearance and feature with Sara’s cellphone.

You will be controlled by Sara’s cellphone system called Iris, if on the iPhone her name is Siri. Iris will ask for your help in finding Sara’s whereabouts, and players are allowed to open the contents of Sara’s messages, gallery, notes, phone and email.

Then, one of Sara’s friends will trap the player to do something and this is where the player challenges to choose. If the selected choice is wrong, then immediately game over and start all over again. There will be spooky photos in Sara’s gallery that will scare you.

  1. Sinister Edge 3D

Is a scary virtual reality Android horror game. Players also have to find a way out that is not visible to the ghost of the house. You will explore an old house and solve various puzzles to escape.

Knowing that someone is always watching your movements is certainly very scary, but even more frightening is the backsound that you will hear throughout the game. Jumpscare here is much more and more scary, so players must be careful huh.

This game also provides additional VR features which make the game much more scary. You are guaranteed to be shivering and palpitations.

  1. Paranormal Asylum

A horror adventure game full of puzzles and mysteries that you can only solve with logic. You must have a strong guts if you want to play this game.

Because not only creepy creatures and terrible locations will welcome you, but also sound effects that are guaranteed to make a heart attack! Creepy blend of music and chanting children who make goosebumps will make you regret playing it when alone.

  1. Dungeon Nightmares

A terrible nightmare will greet you through this one game. You will be placed in a place and go through room after room is very dark to collect items that will be a clue to free yourself.

Even with a simple gameplay, you will not feel bored with Dungeon Nightmares because throughout the game you will be thumped with ghosts trying to catch you and sound effects that will continue to ring, even though you have stopped playing.


Which of the five games above attracts your attention?

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