7 Best Android Horror Game 2019

Android horror games are often underestimated. This is because the graphics and story lines are usually made free of charge just to reap profits via the advertisement in the game. but not all of these games are like that. Because apparently there are some android horror games that are not only cool to play but also quite scary. Here are some of the recommendations of the best Android Horror Game 2019 and the scariest version of us! Check out the article below!


  1. Detention

For you fans of horror games, maybe you can try Detention game. This game has actually been released on a PC, but recently got a Mobile version. Where Detention provides a unique Horror experience that is not provided by other games. Where horror games are now concerned with characters and impressive 3D graphics, this game uses the atmosphere it created from scratch using 2D side scroller gameplay. Players will direct the protagonist in the game in a horror game and explore the existing school building, indirectly find out what is hidden by the learning place.


  1. Deadrite

If previously you could only run from the pursuit of the demons, Deadrite took on a different aspect where the players in the game could shoot the demons that chased him to kill him. In the game, there will be 4 survivors and 1 hunter. And the player must destroy the totems scattered in the map before being able to kill the hunter, and the hunter will chase the survivors who dare to destroy the totems. Well, this game is quite similar to asymmetric games like Dead by Daylight, and Identity V. But players can kill the hunter as a survivor at the end to win the game.

  1. 3D Kimodameshi -Japanese Horror Game-

Although it is not a new game, Kimodameshi is included as one of the horror games that you must play in 2019. Taking the theme of Japanese horror, this game is able to provide the atmosphere like in one of the Japanese horror films Ju-On. If you like spooky effects made over time, then you should try this game!


  1. Case: Animatronics

Do you still remember one of the Horror games, Five Night At Freddy’s which was quite popular some time ago. Case: Animatronics is a game that takes the same plot. Where in this game, players will play as a detective who is trapped in the Police Station because of a hacker. All the exits and power outages, and there will be animatronics that will kill you. Will you be able to survive and get out of the police station?

  1. Halls of Madness

Who says there is no mobile horror game that has good graphics, just take Halls of madness, this game is a horror game with cool graphics. Where players will fight to survive in a magnificent castle full of demons that will kill you. Can you survive in the castle?


  1. Midnight Remastered

Midnight is a RPG horror game that provides a unique experience for the players. Where other horror games make use of jumpscare to surprise their players, Midnight itself uses a little unique progress story and atmosphere in the game to scare the players. This game is suitable for you who want to play horror games that are not too scary.

  1. The Coma: Cutting Class

The Coma is a survival horror game where you will play Youngho, a high school kid at Sehwa High School. At one time when exhausted studying for the exam the next day, Youngho had a scary dream. The next day, he learned that one of his classmates had committed suicide at the school, even so the school was not closed, in fact everyone was running the day without problems. It was there that Youngho felt odd about the school. This game presents 2D side scrolling gameplay where players can only run left and right while solving the puzzle provided by the game. In addition, you also have to hide from the “Teacher” who will chase you here and there.


Those are some android horror game recommendations that you can play in 2019. Of course, for those of you who are lovers of this horror game, you can play it right now. But do not let you not sleep so scared.

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