7 Memorable Horror Games

Horror genre games are arguably the favorite games of all genres that have been played. The reason is, there arises a special challenge to fight fear when playing it. This is the reason for the horror genre to be a difficult choice to pass up, compared to other genres.

Now, the horror genre is no longer seen as a game that always presents scenes and appears creepy creatures. Horror games can also attack psychologically. The storyline can also be the most interesting game. In psychological horror games, the storyline is complete and added with several others, such as jumpscare or sound effects that make the game even more gripping.

1. Silent Hill Series

The Silent Hill game is arguably the scariest of all time and a favorite of true horror game lovers. This Konami-made video game tells the story of a boy named Harry who has to look lost in a city not on the map, Bukit Silent. There, Harry finds a discovery, but instead finds many creepy collections. He also must thoroughly examine what must be debated. Silent Hill with the loss of motivation.

Games that are also adapted in this film do have a place in the hearts of their fans. Creepy, gloomy, and excited impression feels once when playing this game. Silent Hill doesn’t invite any kinds of opposing monsters, or complicated road stories, but Konami can package this game to tear apart the psychology of its players. Among the several Silent Hill game titles, according to Viki the most scary is Silent Hill 2 (2001).

2. Dead Space (2008)

The game released in 2008 by Electronic Arts has also become one of the most horrific horror games ever. Usually the horror game is the background in a building or forest, in contrast to Dead Space which has a storyline with a background in space. Even though you don’t think it will be parno after playing this game, on the contrary you will be trembling when dealing with extraterrestrials whose form is not pleasing to the eye. The thick science-horror nuance of making the Dead Space storyline makes compilation complexes to make spaceships that are uninhabited. In addition, the presence of Necromorphs, aliens in this game make you excited every step.

3. Amnesia: The Dark Descent (2005)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is one of the games that horror game lovers can’t miss. The game format first person shooter (FPS) which has been played by millions of PC gamers from around the world is said to be one of the games that can’t be played, especially if you have a weak heart.

This game, which was set in London in 1839, made you horrified by the variety of not horror. In addition to its creepy atmosphere, Amnesia Horror also arranges compilation so that characters are threatened by spooky players. Worse, the characters who play do not have weapons at all. What can be released is free to hide and run away, or you can’t be thrown away. In addition, this game is also interesting because it has a “Sanity Level” feature. So, the longer you are in the dark, your level of sanity decreases. It certainly makes you do not move. However, that’s where the beats excited!

4. Outlast (2013)

The game released in 2013 tells the story of a freelance journalist who is investigating. However, instead of getting the results of an investigation, the journalist would have to deal with zombies who are not bored to pursue. Just like Amnesia, in this game you don’t have a weapon and have to avoid being chased by zombies.

The sensation of horror is getting more and more real this game with a gripping background and lots of blood splattered, and a messy room. Indeed, you can’t fight in this game, you just have to run and avoid zombies. However, apart from that, this game is very suitable to play emotions and adrenaline. In fact, if you are constantly playing, this game can make you affraid with monsters or zombies.

5. Resident Evil Series

The Resident Evil (RE) game series is the beginning of gamers’ fear of zombies. First released in 1996, this game features promising graphics and storylines of its time. RE is also considered to be the first survival horror game with interesting gameplay. Therefore, RE is also one of the popular horror games because it stimulates adrenaline.

Although this game features a broad setting, the atmosphere is tense and the atmosphere is scary can make you able to blend with the story presented. Although it’s not as exciting as the Outlast or Silent Hill game, Resident Evil is suitable to be a horror game that is worth playing through its exciting action elements.

6. Fatal Frame Series

The game released by Tecmo in 2003 tells the story of twins Mio and Mayu who are lost in a village that is uninhabited. There, they found many irregularities and were threatened by spirits who turned out to fill the village. Armed with a camera obscura, they must kill these magical creatures by photographing them in order to survive.

Having another name Project Zero for the European market, this game forces you to see the faces of the devil right in front of your eyes and without any weapons. The first series of this game makes your heart disheveled. Meanwhile, the second series does not only randomize your heart, but also your psychology. Because, Fatal Frame is arguably a combination of Ju-On film, Cairo, The Ring, which presents terror that is so real and cannot be forgotten.

7. Alone In The Dark (1992)

Game Alone In The Dark was released in 1992 and remake in 2008. In the original series, this game featured a polygonal character background with a pre-rendered 2D environment, which arguably became 2D graphics that were considered sophisticated in its time

Although the characters hold weapons as a tool to survive, but the atmosphere that is built is really scary. Dark with the beam of a flashlight in your hand really makes your heart beat faster. Especially when lightning could make the shadows appear briefly.


Horror games can indeed make your adrenaline racing. However, do not be too maniac with horror games that we already routine huh! The thing is, we can’t guarantee your psychological health after playing it. You don’t want to, right, feel shaky and afraid you carry on in your dreams and you hallucinate while sleeping?

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