Top 5 Scariest VR Horror Games

Along with the progress and development of the times in a game technology, VR (Virtual Reality) is an icon of the advancement of game technology that will make us feel like we are in a real game. And for lovers of horror games, the VR (Virtual Reality) technology is perfect for testing our adrenaline when playing a game.

For that, in this article we will summarize about the 5 most scary horror games when played with VR. Curious what are the horror game? For that, let’s look at the reviews below.

  1. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Games that will bring us to the game environment in the house will lead us into events that are quite scary if we play this game with VR. With settings that are really close to real, we will be confronted by a variety of abundant jump scare, besides that the randomization system in this game will add a spooky impression because of the different experiences in every gameplay played.

  1. The Inpatient

This psychological-themed horror game is a game made by Supermassive Games, in the plot The Inpatient has a background of 60 years before the events in Until Dawn occur. For the game, we will control a character with amnesia that will be placed in the Blackwood Sanatorium, in order to restore memories that were previously lost.

  1. Doors of Silence

This game made by Blackbite Interactive is a horror game that will take us into an underground bunker filled with various horrors. We will be confronted by a human-shaped statue that makes the heart beat faster because it has a really thick element of horror, coupled with the existence of a backsound horror that will bring us into the atmosphere of horror.

  1. Araya

This game made by MAD Virtual Reality Studio is a horror game that takes place in Asia in Bangkok. In the game, we are assigned to explore various areas of the hospital with a mission to solve the Araya murder case, as if playing hide and seek on our way we will be treated by some scary events when we try to carry out the mission.

  1. Narcosis

This horror game made by Honor Code will remind us of BioShock, because this game tells about the protagonist trapped in the ocean. With the silence that is so gripping the spooky effects of this game is really able to test our adrenaline, in addition to the characters we play also have limited oxygen levels which is a challenge so that we can carry out missions under pressure.


Well, that’s the 5 most scary horror games if played with VR. And for those of you who are timid, don’t try to play, because the horror sensation of the five games above is really real thanks to the support of VR.

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