Tips and Tricks for Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is arguably one of the bloodiest Resident Evil (RE) series ever. In this game, players have to deal with the Baker family which is very difficult to deal with.

Even so, it does not mean you do not have a chance to fight them. All you need is how to deal with it.

Because of this, we present a few quick tips that can help you deal with the Baker family more readily and survive throughout the game. Without further ado, here’s how.


  1. Counter Attack

Survival is the best way you can do in Resident Evil 7. If not, you will die faster in this game.

Although injured when attacked, at least the attack can be held to a minimum. This method is quite powerful to do, when some medical items that you have are very limited in number.


  1. Don’t Forget to Close the Door

Even though it seems trivial, it’s a good idea to always close the door that was passed in Resident Evil 7. Why? When being chased by an enemy, you can simply press the action button to immediately close the door, and even the person chasing you won’t be able to follow.

However, this method only works when you are dealing with ‘moss’ monsters that appear in the game. The Baxter family you can not ‘outsmart’ in this easy way.


  1. Take advantage of Safe Rooms

Although it is rather difficult to find and access, Safe Room in Resident Evil 7 will be an important point for you in setting your strategy against the enemy.

Not only for storing game data and storing valuables, safe rooms can also be used to repel ordinary enemies that appear along the game.

If you feel that the enemy is facing too much, it helps you immediately take a thousand steps and get into this room. In this way, all enemies that appear will return to their original places.


  1. Always turn around

Like the previous RE series, the reverse body feature can quickly help you in Resident Evil 7. In addition to seeing other directions quickly, you can use this feature to escape from enemies and see something behind you.


  1. Check Everywhere

For seasoned RE players, this last method is definitely done. Just like the previous series, you should open all drawers, cabinets, or anything that can be opened to get items, bullets, or instructions that can help you get out of Baker’s house.

When dealing with bosses in certain areas, it’s good you carefully examine all the angles that can be reached to get additional bullets or medkits which will certainly help you during play.

Those were a few tips to help you in playing Resident Evil 7. I hope these tips help you. Have a nice play!

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