World of Terror in Slendrina: Assylum

DVloper (not a developer) is one of the names of horror game studios, most of which are made in the Play Store. After the success of the horror version of the male ghost game titled Slender Man: Rise Again. This game studio makes other games with versions of magical female creatures.

The game is named House of Slendrina and Slendrina: The Cellar. Both of these games received positive feedback from fans like “I am really afraid of playing this game, no longer” and “This game makes me scared half to death”. Until there are those who say “This game makes me throw my Android device”

And in 2015, studioDVloper invites us to venture back into a world full of tension and mysticism through its latest game Slendrina: Assylum. This game is a horror genre game aimed at players aged 12 years and over who certainly will like horror. To run this game, Android gamers must be Android 2.3 and above.

This game tells about a woman named Slendrina. She is a woman who is gone, but her spirit is still haunting. Some people say that Slendrina is the wife of Slender Man.

This game is fairly simple to play with first-person mode. Here a fellow gamer will be someone who is locked in an old building. To get out of the old building, fellow gamers must first find eight pages of medical records scattered in various rooms in the old building.

However, searching for the eight medical records was not easy you know. Because there will be a supernatural being who is ready to pounce on you from behind. Pouncing here doesn’t mean just scaring. But also clawed to bleed.

Gamers colleagues who control these characters must maintain the character’s HP (health point). Because every time you meet supernatural beings, your HP will decrease dramatically before you move away from them.

Difficulties that may be faced by gamers in playing this game is when moving characters that are a bit stiff, including moving the head to lurk around the circumstances.

But, after playing this game for a long time, fellow gamers will get used to the controls which are a bit stiff. And of course if our control of this game is already good, the experience of playing will increase.

Unlike other games, Slendrina is more like a Dreadout game on a PC console. Both of these games are made to provide a tense and scary experience for the players.

Maybe the mainstay feature in this game is, a supernatural being that can suddenly appear randomly in various rooms. Then the figure of the supernatural beings here which is classified as very scary especially with the typical sounds of the ghosts make this game even more sinister.

Can you imagine a situation where only we are alone and surrounded by ghosts who can appear at any time with scary faces and voices?

For a horror genre game under 50mb. Slendrina has a pretty good graphic level. In addition to being 3D, the supernatural creatures are dressed in detail so as to bring out the level of gloom that can make the hairs on the back of the game stand.

The condition of the old building is also designed so that it has a mystical and gripping element. This can be seen from the fragile rooms, broken glass everywhere. In addition there are also blood spots that do look suspicious and if approached something might happen.

For those of you gamers who like to play games that make your heart pound, especially when you get carried away by dreams, this game is the right choice to accompany your solitude, especially at night.

Besides being this game is not so demanding to be played at certain times, with its size which is only 37MB, this game provides an unforgettable experience for gamers.

For the record, this game is not recommended for those who have heart disease. Because the scenes in it are not recommended for the sufferer.

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