Why Do People Like to Play Horror Games?

A house on the outskirts of cities in America, far from civilization, a man who got lost entered the house without realizing the terror that was inside. The hunt begins. The homeowner was apparently a psychopath, someone who could not be killed by simply shooting a bullet into the body. He is a monster, and like many other monsters in the American horror tradition, he has axes, chainsaws and traces of stitches from fights in the past.

Our characters are forced to run, hide, and stay away from the monster. He asked for help from the local police only to find the policeman being killed by the monster. What is the fate of our characters?

This is a glimpse of a variety of fragments of the story in Resident Evil 7. The latest series of survival games made by Capcom. This company brought back terror games as the best-selling product in their sales. At the Tokyo Game Show and Electronic Entertainment Expo, he stole the attention of gamers, both veterans and beginners.

Resident Evil is a game made by Shinji Mikami and Tokuro Fujiwara. He is special because it presents biological terror, horror that is not based on magic or nonsense. A virus turns humans into zombies, infected humans will infect others through bites. Every zombie is a hungry, violent, barbaric monster. This game was very successful until it was made a film that had reached its fourth series, and it was rumored to be a closing series.

Aside from Resident Evil, another successful survival horror game from Capcom is Dino Crisis. This one game is about human effort going to prehistoric times. The meeting of modern technology and dinosaurs provides a different storyline. We are forced to survive the terror of giant reptiles. Against modern weapons, humans are forced to compete with nature. Who is stronger, a human from the future or a prehistoric creature? Unfortunately, this series must be finished in the second episode.

Capcom regards their horror game as a gold mine. In 1996, Resident Evil’s first series to date has sold more than 2.75 million copies worldwide. The second series reached 4.96 million copies, while Resident Evil 3: Nemesis sold more than 3.5 million copies of CDs and Resident Evil 4 sold more than six million copies. This sensation has made many Resident Evil games remade, both in remakes and merely re-releases.

Resident Evil and Dino Crisis are two of Capcom’s legendary products. But if you ask what the best horror game ever made, then the answer can be found in Konami. Konami, which has begun to be forgotten by the world gaming console market, has a legendary game called Silent Hill which is believed by many critics of the gaming industry as the best game ever.

Silent Hill is the wet dream of all horror lovers. He presents a monster with a creepy look, black magic, mutations of the body, demons, abandoned old cities, and very neatly made stories.

Imagine this is a lonely city. Fog and wet ground landscape. In a restaurant you find a broken radio that doesn’t have any channels except the occasional annoying hoarseness. The sound is louder, louder. Then the loud noise disappears, and instead you meet a bat-shaped monster. You can survive, the monster dies, then the sound of sirens is heard, total darkness is present, you are now in another dimension. The dimensions of the monsters were in power.

According to research conducted by Nicole Martins and Teresa Lynch University of Media School, the development of the horror genre in linear video games with the development of horror films. For fans of games and horror films, the dramatic effect of terror and fear has an emotional impact on them. Many spectators and players enjoy the fear that comes from zombies, monsters, darkness, screams, and also the bodily defects of the ghosts.

Their research was published in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media in 2015. In that research, they collaborated with 269 students in 2013 who played games such as Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They research and observe the fear reaction of each research participant, both from games and movies. They want to see how fear affects the respondent’s body and how our body responds to fear.

Each participant has a different response. Game players and film viewers show important emotional reactions. Fear, fretting combined with the pleasure of fear. Of the 269 students, 44.1 percent of them claimed to enjoy the fear generated by games and films.

In that research it is also known that fear provides a sense of calm and pleasure. This is what makes many movie viewers or horror game players become addicted to the horror itself.

The feeling of being able to withstand terror also presents a privilege, that not everyone can face fear. Game players feel an important and powerful sensation when running a character, when they encounter monsters, zombies, or magic. Players of this game will enjoy terror while realizing that nothing will hurt them.

“This is just a game, anyway if you die, it will not affect anything to me,” so roughly feel the game players.

Interestingly, the man or woman in the research admitted that horror games scared them, and many men claimed that fear often disturbed their masculine egos. But in that research many are honest about their fears, not caring about the ego or having to look brave.

For games that are considered to have the highest frightening response, they appoint Resident Evil, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Dead Space, and Silent Hill.

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