Psychology and Emotions Horror at Until Dawn

Until Dawn, you will play eight characters who decide to spend the weekend in a secluded home on a mountain. Exactly a year earlier this group also held more or less the same activity, only with ten people.

Hannah and Beth Washington, two of the group, unfortunately disappeared mysteriously and left many questions. These eight characters just want to get closure by meeting again, but oh boy … what they get is much more than that.

Until Dawn is basically a horror game with lots of dialogue and choice. If you’ve ever played The Wolf Among Us, then basically Until Dawn is the same game with different horror genres. You will control the character, walk here and there, collect clues, and watch lots of cutscene.

But maybe I’m a little unfair when comparing it to The Wolf Among Us because Until Dawn provides many choices with truly real consequences.



The Butterfly Effect – The Most Interesting Thing Throughout the Game


The basic idea of the butterfly effect is that a truly small event can impact a very large event. For example a butterfly flutter that caused the collapse of a building to explode.

At Until Dawn, the choices you make are very important, from whether you will pick up a smartphone that is ringing, kill a squirrel in the forest, to whether you have managed to find a piece of paper or it will not have a big impact in the story later.

Fortunately, not all choices have important effects, there are also effects that are not important, or if the impact is very important you still have the choice to overcome it. The developer managed to show the concept of the butterfly effect in this game without making it redundant.

You can still enjoy the story without constantly racking your brains or worrying too much. Will this choice affect the ending? Where will this decision affect? Who will die if I choose A and not B?

But as the name implies there are cases where your choice really changes the game’s ending. Sometimes late pressing the triangle button can kill someone. To be honest, I don’t know if this game has to go that far, but this is what makes Until Dawn unique.



Three Big Ending for you to get


The essence of Until Dawn is to survive until dawn. I will not tell the survivors of anything because it will ruin the story (but believe Until Dawn really provides an unexpected ending).

As you play eight characters, you will get a lot of choices, and from there the destiny of these eight characters will be determined. You can just complete this game with eight characters alive, dead all, or in part.

This is also the selling point of Until Dawn, in the first game you are free to choose according to your conscience. But after finishing, you will be tempted to repeat the part where a character dies and try to help him. This is where Until Dawn starts to get a little tricky and shows its beauty.

Some characters in this game are easily saved by one choice on a particular occasion, but most of them survived because of the correct choice on various occasions. Sometimes one choice in the middle of the game and one choice at the end of the game. So, you cannot clearly point to what point a character can be saved.

But the truth is Until Dawn is a scary and gripping game. After finishing it I was a little grateful and it felt like it would take some more time until I would try it again. Indeed, the more often it is played the less scary, but Until Dawn not only sells spookiness, but also there is a little psychological element that somehow makes me uncomfortable playing for a long time. If that’s what the developer wants to say, then I must say they succeeded.



Classic stories that are boring but done correctly


It must be admitted that the story of a group of teenagers staying at spooky homes with a wandering maniac is nothing new. In fact, this genre is too often raised by the class B film industry and this makes it something cheap.

If Until Dawn was a film (even with Hayden and the towel) I wouldn’t necessarily watch it. But this is a game and as far as I know there aren’t many games that carry this market genre.

Of course the developer knows that using a genre that is fairly cheap has its own challenges. That is why they ensure that Until Dawn has more value.

Until Dawn is not in a hurry to show the nature and characteristics of each character here. There is a wicked girl, there is a crisp humorous man, and there is also the muscle master who is not afraid of anything and is quite playboy. These classic and market characters will look boring on the screen, but when you play them and ‘become’ them, you will feel something different.

Until Dawn’s story begins to develop in the middle of the game towards the end. There are many new elements that have never appeared before and even though they are surprising, I feel that there are too many new elements. I feel like I’m watching a comedy with a twist plot, but a twist plot that has a background in the science fiction genre.

The length of the gameplay that ranges from eight to twelve hours (depending on how fast you kill characters with your choice) also feels very fitting. You can start playing this game at 10 pm and finish at 5 am, according to the theme and title, “until dawn”.



Ride the Emotion Roller Coaster


Because this is a horror game so I think a little discussion about the level of spooky is something that is appropriate. What makes Until Dawn scary is that you don’t really know what you’re up against and it doesn’t appear until it’s really over.

The developer designed this game to get you on the emotional roller coaster. After being scared by a jump scare or indeed a scary scene, you will be given time to calm down before being shocked by the next scene.

Because the core of this game is only seen in the middle to the end, so to keep you scared at the beginning the developer uses a lot of jump scare which in my opinion is too much. And even this jump scare is not something scary, just shocking.

For example, when there is silence, suddenly there is a buzz of the table that feels artificial and there is actually no reason for the character to do so. I quite hated jump scare at the beginning of this game but this thing is developing the better the more it is played.

Besides being spooky, Until Dawn also blows an emphasis on the psychology and emotions of players. For example there are times when you will be faced with the choice to cut your own hand. This will provide a mental burden.

What if I cut my own hand and it turns out the character who is chasing me is just an animal. What if I do not cut it and it turns out it is the maniac who is ready to kill me. This decision making will really make you grimace in your heart.




I enjoyed my time playing Until Dawn. I’m also curious about the endings that are quite a lot and unlockable variety, but this is not a game that I would be happy to play again. I will watch a lot of movies that are cheerful, humorous, before I return to try to get the perfect ending Until Dawn. Recommended for those of you who like horror games.

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