Dreadout Horror Games Review

DreadOut is a horror video game created by Digital Happiness DreadOut tells the story of a group of students who were forced to enter an abandoned village when they were on a field trip. In the village, Linda and friends are trapped in a haunted school and they are separated from each other. Linda, who is equipped with a cellphone, now has to try to find her friends and also find a way to get out of that terrible place.

In terms of the game, DreadOut managed to produce a tense atmosphere with horror video game elements of the 90s such as Fatal Frame. Amazingly, this combination seems to have succeeded in attracting the attention of outside media.

The first highlight of this local video game comes from internet personalities on YouTube. The DreadOut gameplay video series from Felix Kjellberg aka Pewdiepie got more than 30 million views. Other YouTubers who also highlighted this game include Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier, Arin Hanson aka Egoraptor, Dan Avidan, and many more. External media such as Polygon, Rock Paper Shotgun, and also Bloody Disgusting are also not left behind in giving reviews for DreadOut.

In terms of achievement, of course there is much to be proud of from this game. Not only received a lot of attention from outside and within the country, DreadOut was also nominated in the Indie of the Year 2014 award by INDIEDB and also nominated in the FEAR Awards as the 2014 Scariest Game of the year and the Best New Horror IP of the year 2014. Although not winning the three awards above, the continuation of the DreadOut series and achievements are far from over.

2018 is a unique year for the continuation of the DreadOut series. First, DreadOut announced that it would launch a sequel, although the release date for the game had not yet been set.

Second, the DreadOut story will be brought to the big screen by Director Kimo Stamboel and will present Jefri Nichol and Caitlin Halderman. The trailer video of the DreadOut film itself was uploaded on September 23, 2018 on YouTube and is rumored to be on the big screen in January 2019. Following these 2 big announcements, DreadOut also expanded their series into online comics along with CIAYO Comics.

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