Resident Evil 3 Remake – Our Opinion

Like a new weapon that has been proven “deadly”, Capcom seems to be indeed being addicted to throwing their old Resident Evil games back into the remake machine when this review was written, running at maximum capacity. External studio support such as the M-Two allows this process to occur, which is combined with the enchanting RE Engine, which indeed ends up as a definite formula for the re-imaging of the more modern Resident Evil. Success for the success they achieved, both from a review or financial side would certainly be the driving motivation. The same thing that gave birth to Resident Evil 3 Remake into the market.


Those of you who have read our previous preview article seem to have a fairly clear picture of what is offered by Resident Evil 3 Remake. High praise is deserved to be directed at the RE Engine’s ability to return to carrying out its duties properly, building Raccoon City that is full of detail and destruction while ensuring that the redesign of a more ferocious character does feel right to fill it. There is a significant change of course from the second series which this time brings a more action flavor. But in the end, despite all the new and old things he wanted to carry, Resident Evil 3 Remake divides the community into two poles of opinion that are counted as extreme when they see it.


So, what exactly does Resident Evil 3 Remake offer? Why do we call it a game that comes with a different taste when viewed from two different glasses? This review will discuss it deeper for you.


Apart from the number “3” that he uses, the position of Resident Evil 3 is a little unique when we talk about the timeline of the story he is carrying. Why? Because it acts as a prequel and sequel to Resident Evil 2 at once, where most of the events also occur at the same time. This means, it starts with the event before Resident Evil 2 occurs and ends after the Resident Evil 2 ending.


You play Jill Valentine – STARS veteran who now lives in Raccoon City to carry out a deeper investigation process to expose the Umbrella Corp rot. After the horror he had experienced in the first Resident Evil series, Jill’s desire to rely on the legal process to achieve this mission apparently did not end as beautiful as imagined. But who would have thought, instead of exposing Umbrella Corp’s ugliness to the public, he would have to face a major catastrophe. A pandemic occurred, turning a large portion of Raccoon City residents into zombies. As can be predicted, this case is similar to what Jill experienced two months earlier.


As if his fate wasn’t bad enough, Jill now also ends up being chased by a mysterious monster named Nemesis that seems designed to kill all the remaining STARS members. Designed as an effective killer, these creatures heed all pain, are smart enough to recognize the target and continue to hunt him, and also “decorated” with a variety of deadly weapons. In the midst of this complicated journey, Jill also meets Carlos – a member of the Umbrella special forces who want to save as many lay people as possible from the chaos of Raccoon. Both of course trying to survive in this nightmare.


“Beautiful” Raccoon City

RE Engine’s status as one of the best video game engines on the market today seems uncontested. The engine that first made its way out of Resident Evil 7 again proved its sharpness in Resident Evil 3 Remake, through its ability to offer quality visualization that is full of detail and captivating, while ensuring solid performance even for the Playstation 4 version though. You will find minimal technical problems in it, which makes it so comfortable to enjoy, especially considering the taste of action which is now one of the foundations of his experience.


If we have to talk one thing that is different from Resident Evil 2 is of course the setting. If Resident Evil 2 confines you more in the RPD police station, Resident Evil 3 has more portions of travel around Raccoon City which is now in shambles. Although it is not positioned as an open world game with absolute freedom of exploration, it provides the opportunity for more free movement in this setting rather than merely moving from one corridor to another. Visualization of Raccoon City which is now in its worst condition is also presented almost perfect, with not only a variety of interesting landmarks but also flames and dozens of zombies scattered in various locations. Through you understand, it is impossible to see a city like this, to be saved.


So following the concept that he also carried in Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, the two main characters in this third series also get design changes extreme enough to pursue the sensation of realism that Capcom really wants to push. The most extreme changes, of course, occur with Carlos who now looks more fierce and masculine compared to the original series. He not only looks more muscular, but the face and face pieces that are used want to impress a male character who can be counted on for a bad situation like this. As for Jill, this realism approach also continues to produce good character models with more rational costume designs. There is nothing to complain about in terms of visual presentation which is still supported by super dramatic lighting at some point in the story.


Unfortunately, the audio side is not exactly charming Resident Evil 2 Remake. Although Resident Evil 3 Remake comes with audio quality that is almost as cool, including voice acting for most of the existing characters, but this element no longer grows into a “source of fear and anxiety” as it should. As we know, in Resident Evil 2 Remake, we continue to be pursued by the sound of Mr.X’s footsteps which always ends up being tense and raises its own worries. Here, although Nemesis has a similar concept, it no longer consistently pursues you. The presence and battle that you pass along with him are mostly scripted and only occur in certain locations. Together with a more subtle sense of action, there is no more horror just because the sound is so fantastic in Resident Evil 2 Remake.


So with a combination of both, Resident Evil 3 Remake which was built with RE Engine still appears as an action horror game that spoil the eyes. Gamers who had tasted the original series will now also be welcomed with a redesign of some monsters that are not only different from the visual side, but also carry different types of threats and attack animations. Take it easy, meeting them let alone remember the condition of the characters who remain vulnerable to attack, will still make you panic at some point of the story.


Taste More Action

One of the most significant changes that occurred from Resident Evil 2 Remake to Resident Evil 3 Remake is the sense of action that is now being encouraged more clearly. This is certainly not a strange approach considering that in the original series, this change also occurs in the transition between the second series and the third series. From the lore side, considering that Jill is a veteran character who has faced zombies since the first series and has quite a deep knowledge of what he should do compared to Claire and Leon who are positioned “noobs” in Resident Evil 2, he remains rational. Therefore, there are some things that change from it.


Broadly speaking, this is still a Resident Evil game from an over the shoulder perspective that you still know. What makes it different is a more action approach that makes things different. One of the most obvious is the availability of resources that are now abundant. You can easily find Herb, Ammo, to Gunpowder with a little exploration process in various corners of Raccoon City. Not only the abundance factor, you will also find more variety of weapons and hip pouch to enlarge the amount of inventory that you can carry faster. You for example, don’t need to wait until near the end of the story to find Grenade launcher or Assault Rifle for example. Resident Evil 3 Remake gives you more options to fight and survive, which strengthens the sensation of the action.

Other systems that contribute to the taste of the action also emerge from the blade system which, unlike in Resident Evil 2 Remake, now no longer has a level of durability. It can no longer be destroyed and can be used continuously. The knife became an effective option to subdue zombies with as few bullets as possible, where zombies that fell with 2-3 shots in the head can now be finished with a barrage of blades instead of with 2-3 extra bullets. There is a savings process there, which makes Jill or Carlos feel more “ready” to face a greater threat later. But of course, there is also extra balancing here. Jill or Carlos can no longer automatically use their knives to escape the zombie’s grip like RE 2 Remake. A QTE button now replaces it, where the faster you press this button, the less damage the character receives.


Now, following the concept of the original series that makes Jill or Carlos capable enough to avoid any threat, Capcom also embeds a special function for Jill and Carlos to dodge, avoiding attacks that emerge whenever you need. Interestingly again? If you execute it with perfect timing, like a Platinum Games action game, you will also get a short window for slow-motion effects that you can use to insert one or two bullets into their heads if you want. But this action dodge will not necessarily make you free from threats just like that. Counting small and narrow execution timings makes it a high-risk action that if it fails to do, leads to damage that you could have avoided.


Fortunately, a little survival sensation we can still feel from Resident Evil 3 Remake. All of them are rooted in the concept of characters that even at normal difficulty levels, are still positioned as super-vulnerable characters. This means, a little misstep that makes you end up bitten by a zombie, clawed by Licker, until swallowed by Hunter Gamma will make your Health fall directly to the level of Caution or worse, killed instantly. Capcom is also trying to do the balancing process by increasing the number of enemies you have to meet, which in Carlos’s gameplay session for example, seems to be designed to confiscate the number of machine-gun bullets he has collected. At least, like in the original series, you also have a number of objects that you can trigger such as red barrels that you can blow up for effective AOE attacks.


On top of all these systems, came Nemesis – an entity designed to hunt down Jill mercilessly and finish him. Borrowing a concept similar to Mr.X, but armed with more fluid motion animation and the ability to use weapons, Nemesis will be a source of threats that you should be aware of. Apart from the option to escape on several occasions, those of you who are interested in subduing it also have the opportunity to get attractive rewards to pursue – from extra ammo to upgrades for weapons that you can pair to make them more effective. Of course, in the end Nemesis will be a recurring boss that you must subdue in Resident Evil 3 Remake.


Through these boss battles, the taste of Resident Evil 3 Remake action is getting stronger. Because it is different from Resident Evil 2 Remake, where the resources are almost limited when fighting and you need to rack your brain to make sure every shot you shoot is effective, Resident Evil 3 Remake provides quite a number of “backup plans” around the battle arena against a variety of Nemesis variants. You can find healing items to bullets for various weapons scattered about. Most of this battle will end with you holding your shotgun and grenade launcher, while spewing as many bullets until Nemesis falls. There are not many strategies you have to do here other than trying to avoid several times if attacked. As simple as that. Even if it’s concluded, almost all threats in Resident Evil 3 Remake can be subdued with bullet vomit without further ado.


The exploration portion discussed by Capcom was also carried out on a Raccoon City setting that could not be considered massive. There is indeed a need for one or two backtracking to get the item or weapon you want, but it can’t be called an open-world game or even a semi-open world. Why? Because in the end, these areas still have a strong corridor sensation, but with an expanded size. There aren’t many alternative paths you can take or the chance to avoid zombies or monsters. As a comparison? You can assess the way Tango Gameworks handles the semi-open-world mission in The Evil Within 2, for example. We ourselves do not see it as lacking, it’s just that it looks like the potential is not maximized properly.

So following the style in the original series, Resident Evil 3 Remake does carry a sense of more action. That the concept of avoiding as many zombies as possible while trying to save as much resources as possible for more difficult battles is no longer necessary for you to worry about here. There are so many things that you can collect and use instead of running, now staring at death right in front of your eyes while directing your grenade launcher to fire your bullet.


Just Laying

Is Resident Evil 3 Remake a horror action game that can be enjoyed? We will without doubt answer, yes. Building it from the remake process in the previous series which is enchanting, applying a far more action system in various elements, you will still get the same tension and excitement. But in the end, this is not a series that will be able to make all gamers fall in love and worship it as happened in Resident Evil 2 Remake. Capcom makes many extreme decisions with Jill’s travel actions and some of them must be acknowledged, will trigger different opinions depending on what perspective you look at him. That those who had tasted the original series and those who have never felt Resident Evil 3 in the PS1 era used to have a different sensation.


Those who have never played the original Resident Evil 3 series will most likely enjoy a new approach that is less stressful. If you go straight from Resident Evil 2 Remake to this series without ever tasting the original series at all, it feels like an extension of a fantastic story. Indeed there are a few changes here and there that actually makes the experience end up refreshing, with the side of the game more highlighted to subdue Nemesis on various occasions instead of running away from him like Mr.X. The fact that you also met some cameo characters from the second series also reinforces the added value.


For newcomers who have already tasted Resident Evil 2 Remake, two complaints that can be addressed may center on the lack of additional modes after graduation and also unequal audio experience. For the first, considering that Resident Evil 3 Remake will end after the scenario is finished and only offers a higher level of difficulty than 4 different scenarios that are interesting to taste the Resident Evil 2 Remake style, it can feel like a super short game that has content that is limited. With the limitation of additional scenarios also taken from several perspectives with extra mode, Resident Evil 3 Remake tries to make up for it with “Resistance” which we will discuss in the next session. While from the audio side? The way Nemesis works that is slightly different from Mr.X makes audio sensory horror in the previous series no longer run as effectively as in this one series.


As for gamers who have tasted the original series, more negative glasses will likely be used to see this Resident Evil 3 Remake, including what happened with us. There is no attempt to compare and demand a remake process that truly replicates the experience and the settings it carries. But it is hard not to admit that seeing this game through the eyes of the “original series” really makes Resident Evil 3 Remake seem to have been built without a soul at all.


The first complaint is of course the location. Indeed, unlike the second series which takes a lot of locations in a closed RPD, the fact that Jill is more adventurous in Raccoon City would certainly make it end up visiting various locations that are not in Resident Evil 2. Bad news? Many locations in the original series are no longer back in the Remake series, from Clocktower to Park. The problem is the fact that these settings are so iconic that they discard them and don’t look at all trying to adapt them to the remake process is a confusing decision. The lack of this location also means fewer opportunities for Nemesis to emerge and spread more terror for you, which then ends up making this monster feel more scripted and have a smaller role than the original series. The lack of opportunity for this chase action makes Nemesis feel “just there” rather than an important entity in the story, at least the impression that ends up surfacing.


One of our biggest complaints as gamers who tasted the original series? That the Resident Evil 3 Remake series decided to discard the puzzle system which incidentally could be considered the “life” of a Resident Evil series. That in the whole gameplay, there is only one mission that asks you to think and solve something. Most of the other “challenges” end up just looking for keys and getting things just lying around. This for us, is the most disappointing part.


Why? Because Resident Evil 2 Remake previously managed to build a balance between modernization and the almost absurd puzzle approach. Indeed the puzzle in the second series is not used as a focus, but seeing that you still have to look for medals, remove something from the stick, twirling symbols that incidentally include puzzles “makes no sense” but remain an inseparable part of the Resident Evil universe made our hearts fall in love at first sight. In this Resident Evil 3 Remake? All elements are removed in the name of the taste of action. We don’t demand the return of iconic puzzles like “Water Sample” in the original series, we just want more puzzles to be completed to get the taste of this iconic franchise. We don’t want things to just lay out for you to collect.


This minimal puzzle concept also “kills” alternative solutions to subdue the Nemesis available in the original series, which must be admitted is its own attraction. We certainly don’t demand the return of the Live Selection session which is no longer relevant for the ongoing gameplay flavor in the modern era. But in the original series, along with Nemesis who tries to surprise you in various locations, there is the action of opening the gas and destroying the whole kitchen to subdue it or open the acid tap and make it hurt when it ends through it. In Resident Evil 3 Remake, all battles and meetings end up being the bullet launch grenade launcher and shotgun test as fast as you can. This claimed the sensation of Nemesis as a creepy creature. For once again, as was the case in the puzzle session, all the solutions for subduing Nemesis are now lying around for you to collect.


Resident Evil 3 Remake is basically not a bad game. But given the name of the Remake he stretches, it’s hard not to compare it with the original series which incidentally became the main material source. So your love for this series will likely be influenced by how familiar you are with the original series and what sensations it has offered in the past.



Like the title we chose above, how much you enjoy tasting Resident Evil 3 Remake seems to be very influential on the point of view you take when enjoying it – the levels will be largely determined by how familiar you are with the source of material in the first Playstation era. Make no mistake, Resident Evil 3 Remake is not a bad game. That it is still being built on a foundation that makes Resident Evil 2 Remake charming, which is only now reinforced with a thicker sense of action. Pampering visualizations, fantastic redesign of characters and monsters, and vulnerable characters that still produce consistent anxiety are still available here. It’s just that, Capcom feels to forget what made the original series so loved, unlike what they managed to take with RE2 Remake.


There are two main complaints that we made where the lack of puzzles became the “hardest slap” we felt. We might be one of the Resident Evil gamers who feel that the puzzles offered by this franchise, how irrational it can appear in the real world, are irreplaceable lives. What happens in Resident Evil 3 Remake is the fact that almost everything you need, from solutions to challenges to resources to subdue Nemesis ends just lying around. “Just” is the biggest impression we get from this series, where everything seems to be created to simply exist without regard to the appeal of the original series.

Will we recommend it for you? Of course, because basically, Resident Evil 3 Remake is still a solid horror action game with charming cinematic action and cut-scenes. But remember, your enjoyment to try it again will very much depend on which glasses you use. For now, you who have tasted the original series and insisted on using these glasses in the end, will still be disappointed in spite of all these qualities.

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