Sneak Peek of The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

This time we will discuss The Dark Pictures Anthology – Little Hope. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is the second series of saga that began with the Man of Medan series some time ago, where the Curator will act as a common thread. Through this digital keynote session, Supermassive Games explains a variety of new things they want to inject into the story that will now bring you to the terror of the Witch Trial in the past.


Surprisingly, Supermassive Games started this keynote by recognizing that their first series – Man of Medan is not a perfect game. They did get a lot of praise here and there about the terror that they succeeded in building, but still admitted that there were scathing criticisms that were also manifested through low review scores in several locations. Therefore, Supermassive Games see it as feedback and is committed to improving a number of things that hurt their interactive horror game experience.

One that will be addressed is the QTE system which will now get a warning so gamers can take a swing and get ready. Almost all gamers who had played Man of Medan must have felt frustrated how a session that could end in a complete or disappearance of the character that runs suddenly and feels so fast. It’s a bit of a relief that Supermassive Games will finally fix this. They also promised to make the controls feel smoother and more intuitive. While the rest? Following the formula like Man of Medan and their other horror games: characters that can be killed at any time, ending variants, multiplayer – offline and online, and gameplay duration of 4-5 hours with high replayability.

But there is one thing that is interesting from the side of this keynote – the impression of the direction of the story carried by Little Hope through the gameplay session and the portion of the story shown by the Supermassive Games. Of course without spoilers, but he seemed to contradict what he was carrying on Man of Medan. If the Man of Medan still provides a large space for logical explanations about supernatural phenomena that occur, what we have seen in Little Hope so far, really gives a very small gap that can happen. That the appearance of the ghost, the journey full of fog, and the plot of the story that he was about to carry seemed to be difficult to be bound by an explanation that could be rationalized.


Will Little Hope become a real horror game with heavy supernatural elements? Seems so. Moreover, Supermassive Games themselves claim that they are inspired by games like Silent Hill.


Take it easy, those of you who still like the Curator figure may also be relieved, remembering that this anthology connecting figure will return in a story that will trap these 4 students and 1 lecturer in this horror-filled small town. The source of fear is no longer seen to rely too much on jump scare (which we really hate), but also relies on play scenes that clearly cannot be explained with logic and some details in the background of characters who are ready to make your chills crawl. Cool again? From the keynote we saw, the option you choose won’t always come with obvious consequences until the opportunity for extra plot twist is always available there.

Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games themselves plan to release The Dark Pictures: Little Hope in the summer of 2020, still without a definite release date, for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC. Interested?

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