Madame Red Backstory Identity V

If you are an Identity V player, surely you already know that not every season NetEase as the game developer often updates 2 survivors and 1 hunter. Where on this occasion, after giving an update “First Officer” who became the latest survivor, NetEase will release “Madame Red” or “Lady Red” who became the newest Hunter in the game.

“The peasants have no bread to eat, they are starving.” “Why don’t they eat cakes?” These complaints have made me confused. Even on the guillotine, the question is still echoing: “Why?” The moment the skirt was gradually turning red, I finally understood: The queen is the piece piece to eat.

Judging from the video trailer recently released by NetEase, Madame Red has a beautiful face and is someone of royal descent. The story of this Madame Red is based on a queen in France, “Marie Antoinette”, who was beheaded by Guillotine just like the video trailer above. Where in the trailer, Madame red, uttered a sentence which was quite popular by Marie Antoinette (whether properly pronounced by Marie Antoinette or not) namely “Why don’t they eat cakes? / Let them eat cakes “which makes the people angry because Marie Antoinette is considered not to know the condition of its people.

At the end of the video trailer, Madame Red asks, why are they angry? What happened? and at that moment Guillotine decapitated him. At the end of the video, when Madame Red sees herself in the mirror with blood flowing around her neck and coloring the dress she wears, she finally understands and says that “Because the Queen is the easiest piece to eat”.

Ending that, Madame Red will enter and kill the survivors in Manor Identity V in the future. This Hunter has the ability to create mirror images and easily hit survivors. Interested in the stories of other hunters and survivors on Identity V, immediately download and play the game on Android and iOS right now!

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