Death Stranding Has Made a Profit, Hideo Kojima Ready to Start a New Project

Extra appreciation is indeed appropriate for what Hideo Kojima tried to do with Death Stranding. When most of the games end up following the same formula that has proven to be popular and has successfully captured a massive market for lucrative profits, it offers something different from Death Stranding. A game that is not formulated for all types of gamers, especially through a gameplay approach that does feel slow and tiring. One interesting thing, unlike most AAA game releases, Kojima Productions has never opened Death Stranding sales data at all. What really happened?



In his latest interview with Livedoor, Hideo Kojima finally spoke more openly about the sale of games that are currently available on this PS4. He said that Death Stranding’s accounting numbers were “black” and as such, he saw it as a success. They have now returned the capital. With a number that can still increase along with the release of the PC version in the next few months, Kojima even claimed to have locked in enough profit figures to start their next project.


Kojima himself hasn’t been able to talk much about this latest project. He admitted that the project that will be the next title has already entered the planning stage. Interestingly again? He also admitted that he had just lost another giant project he had wanted to do. Kojima gave no further details, only saying that the plans that had been built for the mysterious project had failed.


Meanwhile, hearing the certainty that Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions – Death Stranding will be released for PC will certainly be enough to cheer up many PC gamers, especially those who are familiar with Kojima’s game mix. Being the first PC game that was also built using the Decima Engine, some of the preliminary information on this PC version does promise better visual features than the PS4. We are talking about an opportunity to taste it at a higher framerate and support Ultrawide Monitor for better cinematic sensations. Unfortunately, the dream to taste this game as quickly as desired by PC gamers must be followed by bad news.



Through a recent tweet, Kojima Productions confirmed the release delay for the PC version of Death Stranding from the initial plan – June 2020. As can be predicted, this delay occurred due to an impossible work situation as a consequence of the COVID-19 quarantine period. KojiPro claimed to need more development time because of the work situation from home that was happening. They don’t forget to be thankful for the extra patience shown by PC gamers and their support. Unfortunately, they do not share extra information such as the required PC specifications for example.


The current PC version of Death Stranding will be released on July 14, 2020 – or about one month late from the original plan, via Steam and Epic Games Store. How about you? How many of you are waiting for this one game?

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