Best Survival Horror Games Alltime

When talking about Game Survival horror, surely readers who are gamers are no strangers to Resident Evil and Silent Hill. For generations born in the 90s, of course they will follow the early history of the popularity of the two Survival Horror games, which are the best of all time. Debate or competition between Resident Evil and Silent Hill competed fiercely when the popularity of the PS-1 era. Which marked the beginning of the Gamers era, because the more serious genre of games began in the era of the emergence of the PS1 itself.

However, in my opinion the Silent Hill game is the Survival Horror game that I enjoy the most. Because it is different from the Resident Evil game, Silent Hill in my opinion is the Survival Horror that best represents the real Survival Horror Game. Due to the limited availability of bullets and the use of weapons based on objects found around, are examples of game creators who have packed the Silent Hill game into a real Survival Horror Game.

The Silent Hill series that impressed me the most was the first version of Silent Hill that came on the PS-1 console. Why do I like Games that are already in the classic category? because the element of horror can be presented is very riveting with the limitations of the technology owned by PS1, is the reason why I am very impressed with the great creator of the original version of the game Silent Hill.

Well, not long I will summarize my version of the best Survival Horror Game, which of course can give the deepest impression in my heart.

Silent Hill Series (PS1 / PS2 / PS3)

Maybe the readers have guessed, because from the very beginning my intro in this article discussed the game. Gamers who were born in the 1990s must have felt how scary this game was when it appeared on the legendary PS-1 console. Foggy atmosphere, limited number of weapons ammunition, and various types of monsters that exist. Can cause us at that time to immediately turn off the console. I was one of the children who felt the horror of the game, because just seeing the aura of horror alone, I had turned off the TV swiftly.

However, my curiosity did not come at that time, but when I was growing up. Maybe because when I was an adult, courage was already in me, so I dared to try Silent Hill Game.

Although I have tried Silent Hill Game during my childhood, through the PS-1 console. But my biggest curiosity in the Silent Hill Game started when I played Silent HillDownPour which was present on the PS-3 device. My childhood was very afraid to play the game, as if forcing me to try one of the latest Silent Hill Games. When I played the game in the PS-3 version, the foggy aura of Silent Hill 1 didn’t disappear. Only the big difference is of course the graphics that develop far and the storyline is different from the original Silent Hill PS-1 version.

When I got to know Silent Hill Survival Horror Game better by playing the PS-3 version of Silent Hill Downpour. As if making me curious about the various Silent Hill series before the Downpour series that I have played. To the extent that I took time to buy PS-1bekas from Taman Puring, South Jakarta. For the sake of enjoying Silent Hill 1 Game on the legendary console tersbeut.

Silent Hill 1, Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3, and Silent Hill Downpour are some of the Silent Hill series that I have ever played. Of the several Silent Hill series, of course in my opinion the best is the 1st and 2nd series. Because the storyline and the feel of the horror is very pronounced compared to other series.

From several Silent Hill series that I have played. The element of Survival Horror “The Truth” is certainly worthy of my mention in the Silent Hill Game series. Why? In contrast to Resident Evil which is more on Action. Because with the support of abundant ammunition and more storyline to the Action. Makes me more like Silent Hill deserves first place as the best Survival Horror game.

For those who have played the Silent Hill series, surely you have felt how difficult it is to survive the attacks of monsters. Amid the limited number of bullets, and the diversity of the number of monsters. Moreover, coupled with the difficulty of the various puzzles in this game, certainly can add to the impression of true survival.

Silent Hill is a Survival Horror game that always gets a special place in my heart, are the readers like me too?

The Last Of Us (2013 / PS3 / PS4)

Gamers who own PS-3 and PS-4 consoles are certainly no strangers to the game The Last Of US. The Survival Horror game from Naughty Dog, had become one of the best games ever owned by the Playstation console. In my opinion, this title is not excessive, because in this game very much felt the Survival Horror element. In the game which tells the story of a middle aged person who is given the task of delivering a teenager around the vastness of the United States of America. It feels worth mentioning as a game that truly presents a real Survival Horror.

In the story of this game, the earth is destroyed, and all humans and living things have turned into monsters that are very scary. Certainly must be very similar to the Zombies in the Resident Evil Game. Only the form of monsters in this game varies, even far more diverse than Silent Hill.

In this game tells the story of Joel the middle-aged man, who must take Elie, the 15-year-old teenage girl touring the United States. In this game, I feel like I have experienced the journey of Joel and Elie. Where their relationship was initially very cold and flat, slowly but surely the relationship became like a relationship between father and son.

Joel seemed to get his son’s figure back, after the child had died long ago, due to the onset of the earth’s destruction caused by the spread of a virus that had turned humans into terrible monsters. Joel’s daughter was killed at the beginning of the spread of a virus that has changed human life on earth.

Only a few groups of people survive in the story. Joeldan Elie initially lived in the camp. But Joel got the assignment to take Eliekes to another corner of the United States. In their journey around the vastness of the United States of America, I felt that Joel and Elie’s relationship had become very warm over time.

Joel initially thought Elie was only a package, because in Elie’s body there was a substance that could make humans survive the threat of a virus that continued to spread. So supposing, Elie is an antidote for the virus infection, so it is needed by scientists who are in the eastern United States.

The state of mutual need has shaped and made them like father and daughter who support and protect each other. Various threats both from monsters and human evil survivors they face both. A very warm relationship was felt when Elie took care of Joel who was gravely ill amid the cold snowstorm. Their relationship is like a father and son who love each other.

In this game we can also assemble various pieces and chunks that are around into a weapon. And of course we can modify the weapons we already have such as pistols with tools that we find during the trip.

I felt like the warm connection and suffering that Joel and Elie faced. It’s a really cool survival horror game. In the ending I felt the peak of Joel’s affection for Elie, as well as her affection for her daughter who had died first.

That is when Elie apparently had to die, when it was made an experiment by the scientists after they arrived at the destination. Consequently, Elie had to die because of the experiment. Joel did not accept and ransacked the health facilities owned by scientists who should have been Joel’s partners.

Joel seemed to forget the original task, which was to bring Elie to be used as an experiment. By killing and threatening several scientists and security guards at the facility. Joel rescued Elie who was about to be operated on because her body would be used as a medical trial.

Endingnya, Joel managed to save Elie and took Elie out. And Joel ended up living happily with Elie like his father and daughter who loved each other. In my opinion this is the best ending in the game Survival Horror ever. Masterpiece.

Clock Tower 3 (2003 / PS2)

Maybe Gamers who have experienced the pinnacle of the glory of the PS-2 console know this game. The game that tells Alisa’s return to her hometown after a long education outside the city, can I say one of the best Survival Horror Games ever. Imagine, in this game Alisa had to face the change in her hometown that she once left, it turned out to be a very scary place. In this game, Alisa is constantly being chased by mysterious figures who are very scary.

In contrast to The Last Of Us and Silent Hill whose game characters are equipped with firearms. Alisa can only hide and the ultimate weapon that Alisa has is holy water, which of course can only slow down the movements of the monsters that are chasing her.

Imagine, facing the pursuit of monsters just by hiding tactics and armed with holy water alone! Game Clock Tower 3 is a continuation of Clock Tower 1 and Clock Tower 2 which were first present on the PS-1 console. But in my opinion Game Clock Tower 3 is the best series of Clock Tower. In this game Alisa always runs and hides from the pursuit of the mysterious figure.

So I can say that the element of Survival Horror is very much felt in this game, so I think it’s appropriate that this game was included in the Tokyo Game Show in 2003. Alisa who is a character in this game is not like the figure of Leon and Jill Valentine in the Resident Evil Game. The highly professional faces various threats with the weapons they have.

However, Alisa is just a weak teenage girl who should need the protection of a man. Alisa only obtained a capable weapon when fighting the final boss alone, besides that it was only holy water and the tactics of hiding the defense mainstay for Alisa.

I feel how the element of Survival Horror, where we have to fight with only with tactics to hide and holy water. We can get from various fountain spots that we found along Alisa’s journey in this game. The storyline and defense of Alisa which only relied on hidden tactics and holy water which only slowed down the movements of the monsters. An example of Clock Tower 3 is the real Survival Horror game. In this game, Alisa mostly only survives, so it’s no wonder this game was once adored by gamers of Survival Horror enthusiast in his time.

Fatal frame series (PS2)

What do readers do if they see ghost sightings? Definitely run away or look for a crowd. Or maybe if pressed because the appearance when we sleep is to cover this entire body with a blanket. I’m also one of them. But it is different from what the characters in this game do, when there are ghost sightings they actually take pictures, yes, seriously take pictures!

As one of the scariest games ever on the PS2 console, fatal frame is a typical Japanese horror game. Where like the Sadako movie storyline, the element of technology is associated with the activities of beings from the supernatural. Fatal Frame has been present in 4 episodes, namely Fatal Frame 1, Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly, Fatal Frame 3; The Tormented, as well as Fatal Frame 4: The Mask Of Lunar Eclipse.

The weapons used in this game only use a camera that is believed to be able to drive away spirits. In every journey of the characters in this game. The closer we photograph the haunted ghosts, the greater the hit hits caused by camera shots, which we can use to chase away the haunted ghosts.

So it requires a big enough guts to play this game, because the ghosts displayed in this game feel so close to our culture. Because elements of Japanese culture are very highlighted in this game. So do not be surprised, when playing this game the reader will see a glimpse of the shadow kuntilanak that appears suddenly in front of you.

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