Identity V General Playing Tips

Do you like to hunt or run to save yourself from hunters? Identity V is the first game made by NetEase which has a survival horror game genre and you can play it on the Android or iOS platforms. In this gothic style game you can choose to be a Hunter (hunter) or a survivor (people who must survive the pursuit of hunters).

In this game, 4 survivors must work together in completing 5 cipher machines to escape from the map and from the hunter’s pursuit, otherwise one hunter will try to eliminate 4 survivors to win. For those of you who still find it difficult to play this game, the following tips and tricks will help you to win the game.

Get to know the characters you play

Identity V has many kinds of characters that can be played by both hunters and survivors. Each of these characters has their own traits and abilities that can help you to win. Get to know each character traits that you will play because by recognizing these traits you will know the advantages and disadvantages of these characters. With that you can be more effective in the use and placement of skills.

Create persona talents according to playing style

In Identity V there is such a thing as a persona talents system. Persona talents are web-shaped and you can freely change and replace them. To maximize the character’s skills and traits, you need a persona tree that matches your character and playing style. Be creative and experiment to find persona talents that fit your playing style. You can also search for a persona tree that is used by pros, one of which you can search on YouTube, Perswayable.

Get to know the map well

When playing Identity V, recognizing maps is very important. By recognizing the map, you can find out where the cipher is, which cipher is relatively safe, where the kiting area (attracts hunters to catch up) is good, where is the pallet, and where is the exit gate. Not only useful for survivors, recognizing maps are also useful for hunters. You hunters can find out where the cipher that survivors usually do so you don’t spend time looking for where the survivors are.

Tips for survivors

– Always pay attention to your surroundings, and listen carefully to your audio. You can find out the whereabouts of the hunter when the hunter successfully hit your survivor’s friend, the hunter will be shown in red and can be seen from the entire map.
– Pay attention to your heart rate, if your character’s heart starts beating, immediately go to find a hiding place or find the closest pallet to start your kiting.
– Don’t work on a cipher machine together at the beginning of the game. Working on a shared cipher is faster but the difference in speed is not much different than doing it alone. At the beginning of the game, survivors are needed to complete as much cipher as possible. If you work on ciphers together and hunters come to chase you, you are forced to run away from the ciphers you are working on and it will take time. If each survivor works on each cipher, when one survivor is chased then 3 other survivors will be able to work on the cipher safely. But if 2 survivors work on one cipher, when the hunter comes there will only be 2 ciphers that are safe because 1 cipher is not resolved.

Tips for Hunter

– Wait for the right opportunity to launch “Terror Shock”. The right timing will make your job as a hunter easier. Hunter needs 2 hits to incapacitate a survivor, but with terror shock you only need 1 hit. You can launch terror shock on a survivor who is doing an action such as jumping over a window, passing a pallet, working on a cipher, saving a survivor from a rocket chair, and healing other survivors.
– Watch the cipher pole. You can know where the survivors are from the swaying cipher pole. The more the cipher will be finished the stronger the pole wobble. You can use the teleportation trait to jump directly to the cipher that will finish and knock down the survivor.
– Never give up, in this game the hunter can reverse the situation when all ciphers are finished. By taking the persona “Detention” the hunter can do a one hit kill ie one hit at a fall. With that the hunter can quickly cripple existing survivors.

That’s the tips and tricks to play Identity V from me, hopefully it helps you in winning this game and happy playing ..

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