7 Recommended Best Android Horror Games

Do you like mystical things? The same thing can be said in the genre of games that are liked by many gamers in the world, namely Game Horror. Unfortunately there aren’t many good horror games that can be played especially on Android. But lucky for you to meet this article, because in this article we will give you a few recommendations for android horror games that you can play in 2020!


  1. Cinema 14

Cinema 14 is an interactive horror game, where the player will follow a story from a girl trapped in an unknown place. Players here will make a choice so that the main character survives the pursuit of demons who want to kill him. There are 14 ending that can be obtained, and some will uncover the secrets of the story in that place.


  1. Hotel of Mask

Hotel of Masks is a horror puzzle game that takes place in a remote hotel called Kamen Hotel. Inside, there are several occupants who want people who come trapped together. For 7 days, players must find ways, solve various puzzles and uncover dark stories in the hotel.


  1. Mental Hospital VI – Child of Evil

Mental Hospital: Child of Evil, is a high graphic horror game that is not inferior to any console or PC game. This game tells about a reporter who got the news that something bad had happened in the Santa Monica mental hospital. Too ambitious, the reporter rushed to check the truth of the news. Well, short story players will be chased by various demons and patients from mental hospitals in the game.


  1. Endless Nightmare

Want to play high graphic horror games? Endless Nightmare might be your choice. Although it’s still early access, this game is able to provide a very creepy playing experience. Where your fear will be mocked in the game, and players must face it in order to continue the story. This game can be played offline.


  1. One Last Night Mobile

One last night tells about you guys who are working late at work. But it turns out that something turns out to be haunting your workplace. This game is a horror puzzle game where players have to find items and use them to solve the puzzle in order to continue to the next stage. There will be some jumpscare that will surprise players, and this game is quite interesting to play if you are a fan of horror games.


  1. Boris and the dark survival

Boris and the dark survival is a continuation of the game Benji and the Ink Machine which tells about a figure that looks like Goofy. Well, here you will uncover the story more related to Joey Drew Studios and the dark side of the cartoon world.


  1. Forgotten Memories

Forgotten Memories is a horror game where players will play as female characters Rose Hawkins who are looking for a lost child Eden. This game starts with Rose who is suddenly trapped in an unknown room. And rose was indirectly forced to reveal various mysteries and dark secrets from the disappearance of the child. Well, interested in expressing it? Immediately download and play the game!


Those are some very cool horror game recommendations to play. Well, most of these games can be played for free, or have a demo so you can try before you buy the full version of the game. If you have other game recommendations, please write your opinion in the comments column!

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