Under Officially Announce Release Date

It seems that there are still many horror fan gamers, especially the Silent Hill series, who have not been able to accept the fact that the continued project of the Hideo Kojima horror game series must be stopped and only leave debris from the Playable Teaser. However, thanks to this, many horror games are now inspired to create a tense atmosphere in a dark alley like what is found in the Hideo Kojima game project.


Under is a horror game that is inspired by this. Shown in a trailer on Youtube, Under will be set in 1914, telling the story of a person named Alexander Dockter where he is a World War 1 veteran who is trapped on a shipwreck that should be the only way to get back home. The game will later offer several tense elements, including jump scares with additional stress factors such as pressure from a flood that can sink the ship.


The game also offers the same atmosphere as P.T where players are presented with a long hallway with low lighting and a sudden appearance of “something” to make gamers feel unable to finish the game.



Release Date

Horror games can always have one or more characteristics that can give gamers goosebumps when playing them, just like the P.T game, a continuation of the Silent Hill game series Hideo Kojima’s development which is canceled to be released. However, now various developers are trying to adopt P.T’s creepy atmosphere into their game developments, one of which is Under the Globiss Interactive development game, which has now set a release date.


Announced through a new trailer on Youtube, Under again shows the creepy atmosphere of the game with a story set about someone trapped alone on a terrible ship. Apart from that, what gamers must have anticipated was also announced via the trailer, namely the release date.



Under is planned to be present soon to be precise on October 25, 2020 on the PC platform with the Nintendo Switch version which will follow at a later date. However, the developer still has not provided clear details regarding whether the game will be released on other platforms besides the two platforms mentioned.


Of course, for gamers who are fans of horror games and are interested in the survival-horror genre, it looks like this game should be included in your wishlist, the atmosphere given is so scary and tense as what the trailer P.T gave a few years ago.

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