Descend Beyond – Latest Update from Dead by Daylight


Dead by Daylight, one of the asymmetric horror games released 4 years ago, recently got its newest update. In this update, players will get a variety of new content and the coolest thing is graphic updates that will improve the playing experience of the players.


In the update, namely “Descend Beyond”, players will get a graphic update starting from the rework of several existing maps, namely Yamaoka Estate, and Springwood where players can see more clearly some of the details and texture of the map as a whole. Not only that, this graphic update also changes the existing generators and pallets that can be dropped so they are easily visible and more real than before. The animation for completing the generator is made different on each side so that players can see something new in the game.


Apart from that, this patch update will also give you 2 new characters, namely Hunter and Survivor, which can be purchased on the “Descend Beyond” DLC. The DLC will present The Blight who has dash strength like pinball with high mobility, and Felix Richter the handsome blonde haired young man.


Of course, with the addition of these two characters, players will get new perks which will add a variable to the excitement of playing the 1v4 game. If you are interested, you can update the Dead by Daylight Descend Beyond 4.2.0 patch right now for 9 GB.


Present Cross Platform Features


Cross platform has become one of the favorite features of many gamers in a multiplayer game. With this feature, players can make it easier to play with friends even though through different platforms. This is one of the innovations presented by Behavior Interactive as the developer of Dead by Daylight.


Reported by its official announcement, Dead by Daylight has now been confirmed to support cross play on almost all platforms that present the game’s release, such as PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, for mobile, it is still unable to support the cross play feature.


Even so, players on the Nintendo Switch seem to feel a little aggrieved, where the latest DLC from Dead by Daylight is not available for this platform, so if Switch players play with other platforms, they cannot use the skills / perks that are present through the DLC which is currently still present for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.


Currently, players can create in-game lobbies with other players from various platforms. However, for players who don’t seem to like or don’t want to activate this feature and want to get rid of the cross play mode, they can easily visit the options of the game to turn off the cross play feature.

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