5 Horror Games Should be Launch on Next-Gen Console

2020 is an exciting year in the gaming industry. After a long wait, the gaming industry, especially from the realm of consoles, has finally begun to prepare to enter the next generation of consoles. Announcements have surfaced, a performance picture emerges from a variety of reliable sources with intense speculation, and the wait for more information continues. One thing is for sure, the generation shift is not only about improving the performance of offal. It also sometimes becomes the foundation for introducing new technology that can be seen as a trend worth pursuing, which the developers and publishers who develop games for them will usually explore more thoroughly. In our eyes, there is no more perfect moment for the rebirth of many horror games that have begun to be forgotten.


Why? Following the confirmation made by Sony with the Playstation 5 and Microsoft with the Xbox Series X, the two next-generation consoles will support real-time ray tracing for a more realistic lighting effect. Both consoles will handle this gaining momentum with the hardware they offer. Admittedly, this realistic lighting is a fantastic formula for creating a more creepy, tense, and mysterious atmosphere that is identical to horror games. Imagine the rays hitting the windows, the dust particles filling the room, the shadows of slow-moving monsters accurately following the light of the lantern, to their mere reflection on the glass you just passed. Imagine what this technology could do.


Therefore, we feel that the next generation of consoles is the right space for horror games, especially those that have been submerged for some time, to come back and make the most of this technology. Because inevitably it has to be admitted, regardless of whether it ends up being a pure horror game or survival horror, this is a potential that is a pity to just miss.


Of all the horror games that have surfaced in the gaming industry, which games would we like to see revive with a new series or even just a remake on the next generation consoles?


Silent Hill

Even though it has the potential to end with a big disappointment, especially seeing Konami’s attitude over the past few years that has been more focused on the Pachinko business, it doesn’t hurt to dream and hope that Silent Hill will return to the gaming industry via the next generation console. With the existing ray-tracing technology, imagining how the faint rays that appear from the city lights that are reflected faintly because of the thick fog will certainly look amazing. Especially the hellish session which usually makes the city filled with rust and the dominant red color which makes the gloom and darkness even more obvious. Imagine how a lamp trying to be bright reflects on this rusty material, which of course, would make Silent Hill end up even scarier than you might think.


With the shift in the release strategy that made their newest game – Control now available for larger platform variants, Remedy now certainly has extra power to start concocting Alan Wake 2 as they have always dreamed of. As a survival horror game that makes the story the foundation of focus and flashlights and other light sources as “weapons”, Alan Wake will look sweet with the available ray-tracing technology. Imagining how accurate the lighting comes out of your flashlight, whose intensity is now also emitted in more detail and clearly accurately by shooting a more realistic shadow effect as a consequence, it sounds like a survival horror game whose experience, can end up more stunning “just” because of the addition. technology on this one.


The Evil Within

Will The Evil Within return to the gaming industry? For now, no one knows. As we know, Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks are currently busy working on a new project which they call Ghostwire Tokyo which, unfortunately, hasn’t provided any details at the time this toplist was written. But if indeed The Evil Within has a chance to return with its third series in the next-gen era, it will be one of the survival horror games that will fantastically impress with the extra performance it has. Its appeal is of course not only rooted in technology such as ray-tracing or 3D Audio, but also the opportunity to enjoy its super strange and unique settings, characters with cool designs, and a variety of visual effects and attacks that will certainly look cuter with extra resolution. and textures to offer.



How many of you have played the Clocktower series in the past? When names like Resident Evil and Silent Hills dominated, Clocktower managed to establish its unique identity as a survival horror game with unique mechanics and iconic monsters. Where on the way you will continue to be chased by an assassin armed with scissors, with only a few options to fight back. Amid the success of Capcom’s fantastic remake of old Resident Evil, it doesn’t hurt to hope that the same concept can be executed for Clocktower. Given its “old” age, the Clocktower looks like it needs all the upgrades that a next-gen console can offer. In our minds, there is the potential to make it appear as a survival horror force that has just returned.


Dead Space

Seeing the Visceral Games have to end up collapsing in EA’s hands despite the fact that they gave birth to a new, fantastic survival horror game series, of course, is a sad sight. However, seeing the trend, it is not impossible if EA at one point tries to revive Dead Space either with the old development team or appointing a new team. In fact, with the space setting that Dead Space has been carrying, this game will look amazing on the next-gen, especially through the fantastic lighting that real-time ray-tracing can offer. We are talking about a survival horror game in a giant outer space ship, which at many points ends in low light. Where sometimes, the only source of light that appears is the closest star where the giant ship was stranded. With the unique voices of the Necromorphs consistently terrorizing you in various angles, Dead Space will appear as the next-gen super ideal game.



Do you know the horror game trend that we care about the most in the last few generations? That most of these games are based on western supernatural mythologies without many products that focus more on horror sources from the east in it. With next-generation console performance imaginable, offering fantastic detail and textures along with more realistic lighting, there’s no better moment for a Siren to return! Those of you who had tasted the series in the PS 2 and PS 3 era certainly understand what kind of terror you can anticipate from it. A remote Japanese village, inhabited by inexplicable mysteries, filled with super creepy creatures possessing humans as well, unsupported by many sources of light, and ends with an undeniable silence. Imagine also if the mechanic for seeing the situation of creatures like in the Blood Curse era returns. Siren is one of the horror games we’ve been dreaming of, finding its way back via next-gen platforms.


Above are 5 horror games that we dream of finding their way back to the next-gen platform and optimizing all the features and performance it offers, especially those related to a more realistic lighting system via real-time ray tracing and audio implementations that are ready to make. goose bumps. There is hope and a big dream to see all these titles again, although in some names, it sounds impossible due to the variety of situations. Even though we ourselves are timid gamers who have almost no guts, it’s hard not to acknowledge and appreciate the potential that these horror games can bring in the next-gen era.


So, what about yourself? Of all the horror games that have been available in the gaming industry over the last few generations, which horror game would you like to see again on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC in the future? Feel free to comment and expand the list!

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