The Persistence New Version Will Release on All Consoles


Exploration in the realm of virtual reality gaming reminds me of the experimenting efforts of developers in the late 90s when a number of game genres (such as first-person shooters) did not yet have a standard standard. There are quite a number of interesting games that have rolled out after the availability of affordable consumer-class head-mounted VR displays by Oculus and HTC, one of which is The Persistence, created by the Firesprite team for PSVR.


Launching on PlayStation 4 in 2018, The Persistence offers an unusual premise: a combination of the survival horror, stealth and roguelike genres, packed in a sci-fi backdrop. And two years later, Firesprite decided to present The Persistence on more platforms without requiring gamers to have a virtual reality headset. The game is planned to be available on PC via Steam, Switch and Xbox One (including the non-VR version for PS4) in the middle of this year.


The game puts you as the only crew on Persistence’s ship alive after the ‘spark gap’ incident which left him trapped in a black hole. A mission to inhabit other planets turns into a struggle for survival as the accident triggers an invasion of deadly mutants. You are not expected to survive, but there is still a chance to get out of this situation.


Like other roguelike games, death is part of the gameplay of The Persistence. Every time you make a mistake that causes the main character to die horribly, he will be born (more precisely ‘printed’) again with a clone machine. Your job is to repair this ship and bring it back to Earth. But every time you clone, the layout of the ship space will change, so that no one game session is the same.



Firesprite polishes a number of things in this new version, especially the visual aspects, user interface and control input – so that the graphics quality is not inferior to games released in 2020 and is comfortable to play using a standard input system. Of course The Persistence can also be enjoyed through other virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, as well as Windows Mixed Reality devices.


On PlayStation 4 (via PSVR), The Persistence is supported by the companion app on mobile devices. This feature allows the presentation of an ‘asymmetric’ cooperative multiplayer mode. When you are focused on a mission, your friends can help find important items, identify the position of the opponent, even make the enemy stop moving so you can easily knock them down.


So far Firesprite has not confirmed whether application support will be included in the new edition of The Persistence. Then the developer also hasn’t explained in detail the difference in gameplay between the non-VR version and The Persistence on PSVR. I suspect that many aspects of control were modified and simplified.

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