Dreadeye VR Old But Gold Horror

After having previously had success with Dreadout, the game developer Digital Happiness has returned to continue its existence in the world of Horror Games by making DreadEye VR. Even though they both have Horror themes, DreadEye VR is a little different from its predecessor, Dreadout. DreadEye VR is a Virtual Reality (VR) game where you need a VR device to play it. The developer also recommends using the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift as a device.

When playing DreadEye VR, you will act as a shaman and have to perform rituals like a shaman to enter another world. Like Dreadout, the ghosts in DreadEye VR also still maintain the existence of local ghosts etc. In DreadEye VR, the ghosts are even more creepy because of the VR effect which gives a feeling as if we are in the game.

Even though it has actually been released since November 29, 2017, DreadEye VR is still interesting to play. It was proven that at SXSW last March, this game attracted many visitors to try it. Many of them praised this game by a local developer, and even a few who screamed in fear because they enjoyed it.

SXSW or so-called South by Southwest is the largest conference, exhibition and festival of the creative industry and future technology in the world. In this annual event that has existed since 1987, artists, musicians, fashion designers, filmmakers, producers, writers, start-up companies, and game developers from all over the world are brought together. So it is worthy to be proud of games made by the Nation’s children to be at such a big event.

There have been many Youtubers, both local and foreign, who have played DreadEye VR and uploaded it on their channels. The following is a video uploaded by the famous Youtuber from America, POiiSED, who is playing DreadEye VR with his trademark scream.

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