World War Z Review

Online multiplayer is a feature that has recently become a selling point for game developers. This is then tried to be offered by the developer Saber Interactive through a game titled World War Z. Yes, hearing or reading the title, you will immediately think of the World War Z film, starring Brad Pitt in 2013, right?

It’s not wrong, because this game is made based on the film. As equal as three money with the film, the game World War Z tells of a world that is chaotic because of zombie attacks or post-apocalyptic language.

Through World War Z, the developer wants to deliver an interesting shooter game presentation that can be played together. It is proven that the developer’s dream has come true, because some time ago Saber Interactive announced that his game has been played by approximately two million players.

Actually there is no definite plot in this game. There is no Story menu, only the Co-op and Multiplayer game menus. The first time I opened this game, I immediately remembered the game Left 4 Dead.

It is undeniable that World War Z is very similar to Left 4 Dead. Adventure four people in one team, survive the attacks of the horde of zombies, and others. For the story itself, World War Z consists of several episodes, such as New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo.

Each of these episodes comes with three chapters related to each other. However, you don’t have to play the episodes in order. Each episode has a different storyline and characters.

Most of these games are similar to Left 4 Dead. Even so, it doesn’t mean that the World War Z game is exactly the same. There are several features that make it different. So, this game doesn’t just offer cooperation in eradicating zombies.

World War Z gives you the advantage to choose a character and determine the role or role. Here there are at least six classes to choose from, including Gunslinger, Hellraiser, Fixer, Medic, Exterminator, and Slasher. Each of these classes actually only determines what equipment you bring at the start of the game and its unique abilities.

The rest, you can use any weapons you encounter on the trip. For example, Exterminator, has the advantage of destroying large numbers of enemies. Usually the favorite weapons of the Exterminator are Molotov cocktails and guns that produce fire. So that Exterminator can be relied on when it gets a large scale zombie attack.

Meanwhile for Medic, as the name implies, this class has advantages as a medical team. Medic’s advantages are healing and boosting teammates. This class does have an important role, but it depends on your squad play itself. If you heal a teammate, then 25% will apply to yourself.

Every episode you play, you can determine the level of difficulty. The higher the difficulty level, of course the enemy will be more deadly and make it difficult for you. Well, this is where teamwork comes in.

Each stage is unique. For example, in the New York episode, there is a stage that requires you to take the key in the body. However, unfortunately the location of the body is surrounded by poisonous gas.

Well, here is the form of cooperation needed. Because the poisonous gas can be fatal, it requires teammates who still have the healthiest blood. Take the key then you can ask other friends to heal or if you have a little stock, then you have to heal yourself.

In World War Z there are many kinds of weapons. Here you are given the advantage to carry three kinds of weapons at a time, consisting of primary, secondary, and heavy. Primary weapons can be SMG, Shotgun, Riffle, and Assault Riffle. While secondary is usually light weapons, such as pistols, automatic pistols, and small shotguns. Then for heavy, usually it can be a machine gun.

World War Z also has an objective to defend itself from zombie attacks. Here you must decide to use a defensive weapon such as a turret in the space provided. The location is up to you, but as much as possible put the turret in a place that is strategic in beating up the incoming zombies.

These weapons have their own advantages and uniqueness. Needs vary. Shotguns, for example, are suitable when you are dealing with several zombies that are approaching. Because as is known, the advantage of zombies from the past is their tremendous explosive power when close. However, I personally like SMG.

This type of weapon can be used by holding the R2 button. In contrast to the Assault Riffle, which shoots cannot be detained, it must be squeezed occasionally. Then the most favorite and hard to find is the cross bow.

World War Z is actually a game that prioritizes internet connection when playing. Although, you can play offline yourself, accompanied by an NPC. However, playing solo or offline in my opinion is less exciting.

The NPC only moves to follow you and shoots the zombies that come. In contrast, for example, you play online. You can share tasks with your friends, where to move. For example, if you pick up an item in the north, you can order your friend to pick up an item in the south.

Both Left 4 Dead and World War Z have a lot of similarities. Teamwork consisting of four people to the same enemies. If Left 4 Dead has a Tank, then World War Z has a Bull that goes berserk when it attacks.

There are also enemies such as smokers that emit poisonous gases like Smoker. However, in essence, World War Z is quite interesting to play. Especially for those of you who like the Left 4 Dead series or for those of you who don’t like first-person Co-op zombie games, then you can play this game.

The missions presented are not too innovative. There are some missions that feel flat and have a boring gameplay texture. The frame rate also looks unstable, especially when there are lots of enemies attacking. Naturally, but this will certainly trouble you.

This game is highly recommended to be played with friends by communicating via a headset. In essence, World War Z can be an alternative game for those of you who are tired of playing linear offline games.

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