Dirtygoblingames was an online shop in America continent for a while. Now we take this and make a new era for the goblin sake. We want to make the darkest goblin games that available on the internet. You can feel, scream and crying it out. Beware, we have no mercy. You should run, hide and stop breathing to make us laugh.

You cannot mean dirty is something dirty. This is only the darkest side we have and we like to maintain it in that way. We are the devil goblins, the one who haunted you until you are crying to faint. The one who haunted you until you are sleep and cannot wake up due scared. The one that always chasing you.

Enough for unrealistic chit chat, lets get back to business. We are a personal site, that want to reach something big. Personally, we think to use goblins as our role, to write something about it and always about it. You cannot finish what you start, means we want to finish it. You need to keep deliver what you want and got what you got. Hope this become meaningful to you and us.